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Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink: Everything You Need To Know

Life In Pink: Machine Gun Kelly's Documentary
Machine Gun Kelly's Documentary: Life In Pink

Teaming up with the streaming network Hulu, Machine Gun Kelly has recently released a documentary about his life, ‘Life In Pink’. Directed by Sam Cahill, Machine Gun Kelly’s Documentary is titled ‘Life In Pink’. Colson Baker, better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly has come a long way ever since his rap career took over. Throughout his career, Machine Gun Kelly has been in the limelight for his music and a lot more things. Following a very public feud with Eminem, the rapper got a lot more recognition. And recently, Machine Gun Kelly announced his engagement with actress Megan Fox.

The documentary follows MGK’s life in a bit more detail and covers the aspects of lives he has not yet shared. Signing with Bad Boy Deals in 2007, MGK went on to release four mixtapes, but the rapper barely got any recognition. It wasn’t until his single “Wild Boy” ft Waka Flocka Flame came out that MGK had all the recognition pouring in. His albums and singles were peaking on the charts. In 2020, MGK released his 5th album and went on to announce his exit from the hip-hop community. As of now, MGK is active in pop-punk music and is also an actor.

Machine Gun Kelly's Documentary

Everything You Need To Know About Machine Gun Kelly’s Documentary.

Everything You Need To Know About Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink

Machine Gun Kelly’s Documentary “Life In Pink” takes the viewers into the parts of his life that were a secret up until now. MGK is not just limited to being a rapper now. Expanding his career prospectus, along with being a rapper and actor, MGK is also a graphic novel writer, fashion show music curator, and nail polish creator. “Life In Pink” follows MGK during the time period between 2018 and the present. We go through the success of his 2019 rap-rock album Hotel Diablo and how MGK transitioned to a pop-punk sound and released the albums ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ and ‘Mainstream Sellout’.

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In the trailer of the documentary, we saw the rough childhood he had. From getting kicked out of the home to living in a basement with a friend to his relationship with his daughter, “Life in Pink” covers it all. We go through the time of pandemic and lockdown. All the time MGK, along with his producer and fellow collaborators, spend in the studio working on lyrics, piano, and guitar. We also see MGK talking about his personal journey with his emotional and mental frailties. The singer shared the details about the call with the channel Fox he had. The cursed call was like a shotgun to his mouth.

Machine Gun Kelly's Documentary

Machine Gun Kelly’s Documentary: A still from “Life in Pink”.

Working on himself, MGK has overcome his overworking and self-harming tendencies. We also meet Casie Baker, Machine Gun Kelly’s preteen daughter. Get to know she had to become her dad’s biggest defender when the online haters and trolls were getting too much. MGK would never leave Megan Fox alone now. So we also get to know how their relationship started and how big of a change it made in his life.

How To Watch Machine Gun Kelly’s Documentary ‘Life In Pink’?

As of now, Machine Gun Kelly’s Documentary ‘Life In Pink’ has been released in the USA, Singapore, and Argentina on June 27, 2022. Machine Gun Kelly’s Documentary is available to watch on the streaming platform Hulu and Disney+. For now, the movie is only available to stream in the North American and South American regions. But with time, it’ll be released in other regions as well. The trailer of Machine Gun Kelly’s Documentary shows the rapper’s flashbacks as he grew up in a rough neighborhood. And how he had made it so far in life.

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