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Why Did Kate And Johnny Get Divorced In Firefly Lane?

Firefly Lane

In case you couldn’t make it to the last of Firefly Lane, you must have one question raised in your mind- why did Kate and Johnny get divorced? Before getting into their marriage in the series, let’s learn what the story is all about. 

Firefly Lane made its debut at the beginning of last year on Netflix. Created by Maggie Friedman, it focuses on the friendship of Kate and Tully. They met each other when they were young. Just like every other relationship, Kate and Tully face ups and downs throughout three decades. But the best part is they still stick to each other and appear inseparable. 

Talking about its release, Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 is already out on 2 December 2022. Now, people are eager to know about the fall of Part 2. Well, it is set to get to premiere on 8 June 2023. Katherine, the one who played Tully’s character, announced it on Twitter, too. 

What happened to Kate Mularkey and Johnny Ryan? Despite getting hit, fans can’t still comprehend certain storylines of Firefly Lane. The end of Kate and Johnny’s marriage is one of those cases.

They thought there was no meaning to their relationship and had some heated moments. But what and how did it turn out? If you are looking for the details of the divorce of Kate and Johnny in Firefly Lane, here is what we know. 

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Reason Behind Kate And Johnny Getting Divorce In Firefly Lane 

In Firefly Lane, we see Kate being the mother of one child, Marah. When she married Johnny, there was immense love for each other. However, later, both ended up feeling that their marriage was not working well. That was the reason why Kate and Johnny decided to part ways legally.  Still, Kate and Johnny thought of working on their marriage. So, ended up giving it another chance, a try. That was right before Johnny’s relocation to Iraq. He had to travel for his work. 

In case you didn’t know, Firefly Lane is based on a book of the same name, written by Kristin Hannah. Those who read the book have been more questioning Kate and Johnny’s divorce. Why? That’s because, in the book, despite having issues in their relationship, Kate and Johnny stay together. They didn’t get divorced. So, there has been this change in the series.

Firefly Lane

Fans have discussed this dark turn on Reddit and other social media platforms. They started making assumptions, surrounding Kate and Johnny getting divorced in Firefly Lane

Some wondered if it was because Johnny wanted to pursue his career and follow his dreams. People addressed it as a very flimsy reason for the end of their marriage. Despite assuming all these, it’s very much evident that Kate and Johnny were very much in love. Still, they felt like their marriage was just a tag, and there was no depth in that. 

However, the fans having negative thoughts, started assuming that Johnny had eyes on Kate’s best friend, Tully. That might be the reason behind their divorce. Also, people felt like the consolation prize was not enough, especially after being married for so many years and having a daughter too. On the other hand, some felt like Kate never felt enough for Johnny. 

Talking more about Kate and Johnny getting divorced in Firefly Lane acts more like creating a different story for the drama. The exact reason is yet to get revealed. We are expecting a twist in the story, of course!

Regarding the end of Kate and Tully’s friendship, some also believe that it happened because of Johnny having an interest in Tully. 

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