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One Piece Film Red: Shanks And Red-Haired Pirates Spoilers!

One Piece Film Red: Shanks And Red-Haired Spoilers
One Piece Film Red: Shanks And Red-Haired Pirates Spoilers

One Piece Film Red has already been released across many regions as of writing this article, and with it, spoilers for the film, which are generally focused on the most mysterious character of One Piece, are out. So for this post, we shall be discussing the spoilers of One Piece Film Red which are focusing on Shanks and the red-haired pirate crew. We sure want to see the film as soon as possible, but it will take time to release in every region of the globe. However, we encourage you not to read spoilers for the One Piece Film Red to enjoy the movie at its best.

But if you cannot wait for the movie and want to see a glimpse of what the One Piece Film Red has for you, then you have come to the perfect place. Shanks has been the most mysterious character of all time, and One Piece Film Red does open a curtain for the viewers to take a look at what the mysterious character has for us. Whereas Oda sensei also said that he has his own plans for Shanks in the upcoming arc. Since Shanks said that he is going for the One Piece as well, he is now more famous than ever. Let’s take a look at the One Piece Film Red spoilers for Shanks.

One Piece Film Red And Shanks Spoilers

Shanks was found by Gol D Roger and Rayleigh when he was only 1 year old inside a treasure chest which they stole from God Valley incident. Some unconfirmed leaks even say that Shanks is Rocks D Xebex’s son. This will be confirmed later in the One Piece Manga Series. Shanks’ bounty 12 years ago (around the time he gave Luffy his straw hat) was 1.04 billion berries. Another title that Shanks has is “The Killer of the Observation Haki”. This means that he has powers that won’t let his opponent use the Observation Haki, which lets them see in the future. Moreover, Shanks’ sword is in flames when he uses it to fight.

One Piece Film Red Spoilers - Shanks Spoilers


Shanks does meet Luffy in the One Piece Film Red, although Luffy is unconscious just like he was at the Marine Ford. A sequence of the movie will show us Luffy’s gear 5 and Shanks fighting his opponent at the same time. Although they are not in the same place. Shanks will meet Kizaru and Fujitora and will warn them not to steal Uta from them or be prepared to die as he releases his conquerors’ haki.

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One Piece Film Red Spoilers; Red-Haired Pirates in Action!

Kizaru is in sweats after watching Shanks’ conqueror’s haki, and Fujitora decides to leave, implying that they should not engage in a war that will result in a lot of casualties. Beckman, supposedly vice-captain of Red-Haired Pirates, is also seen in action using his rifle and Haki. He is popular among women, and he loves them as well. Whereas Yassop is always dancing and never misses his mark, and Lucky Roo is, without a surprise, the cook of the red-haired pirates who is not good with women. You can see him in One Piece Film Red using his own body as a bowling ball to attack his enemy.

As every pirate crew has, we have Monster and Bonk Punch as the musicians who are fighting the enemies together. While the former distracts the enemies and gains some time, the latter uses a strong punch on the enemy. Limejuice is with his electric in the air. Hongo is revealed to be the doctor of the red-haired pirates who is incredible at using weapons. The navigator of the red-haired pirate is Building Snake, who uses two sword-style to fight the enemy. Howling Gabs uses cutting howling to attack, and Rockstar also uses swords to fight with a sense of justice.

One Piece Fim Red Spoilers - Red Haired Pirates Info from Interview

Red Haired Pirates Info from Interview

A Remake of Marine Ford

The arrival of Red Haired pirates will be as same as the Marine Ford Arc to stop the marines. Shanks won’t hurt the citizens even though they are being manipulated and hurting Shanks. Whereas Kizaru has no intentions of saving the Citizens. Akainu, too orders to capture Uta at any cost, no matter how many citizens die. When Kizaru tries to kill citizens, Beckmann arrives once more to stop him, just as he did once at Marine Ford. It will be exciting to see One Piece Film Red with all the Red-Haired Pirates in action.

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