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1923 Season 2: Renewal Status & Everything to Know


1923 Season 2 Release Date is quite soon and this is what makes the fans most excited right now. The series throws light on a prequel to the Paramount show called Yellowstone. It started airing on the service in December of 2022 and has only recently concluded this year. It also serves as a sequel to 1883. After a successful run on the channel, fans are curious to know more about the future and how it is going to shape up.

Throughout the episodes, we saw the Dutton family which lived on the ranch in 1923. Both the spinoffs are based on the years in which the Duttons have lived here. Well, this era was not so easy for the family as there were a lot of hardships following the World Wars and such. The major tragic highlights of the century at that time were Prohibition as well as drought which could destroy cattle and crops.

The Great Depression was about to start there and people had absolutely no clue about the same. Although, Montana was facing the pre-hardships of the era even before the 1929 Stock Market Crash hit the same. Now before we talk about the future of the series, let us have a quick recap of the first one.

1923 Season 2 Release Date and Renewal Status

A still from 1923 Season 1 Episode 1

Back in 1923 Season 1 Episode 8 titled Nothing Left to Lose, we saw that the three priests have not returned yet even though it has been a week now. In order to locate the men, Father Renaud goes along with Marshall Kent and the whole group. Also, they follow the tracks which were evidently left behind by Teonna while she was trying to escape.

1923 Season 1 Recap – Will The Duttons Lose The Ranch?

She is found by Runs His Horse and Pete Plenty Clouds. They take her with them as they themselves are trying to go to the nearest Comanche reservation. Later, the group from before is able to track down the bodies of the three priests. Even Hank has died. Thus, in order to investigate the whole situation better, they also decide to go over to Comanche territory. 

On the other hand, we see the arraignment that Creighton has done. Here, Chadwick Benton is talking to the judge and manipulating him to release Creighton with no bail at all. Well, this effort goes to absolute waste but as Creighton is going out of the courtroom, he remembers to curse the Duttons. He also punches Jack at this moment who is held captive by the state.

Later in the episode, we saw that Arthur’s father is trying to question Spencer and Alex about the legitimacy of their marriage. This means that Alex can not go away from here with her husband at all. Spencer is thus being taken away in a dinghy. This provokes Alex’s anger and she vows to find him in Bozeman.
The Dutton ranch is not a happy setting either.

We see that Elizabeth, who was pregnant, has now lost the child due to a miscarriage. Jack is with her trying to comfort them. The ending of the episode was quite dramatic. We see that the ranch is in danger. Whitfield has come to announce that he has made the payment for the property tax for the Duttons. Although, if the family is not able to return the money to him by the end of the year, he will have his claim on the property.

1923 Season 2 Renewal Status

1923 Season 2 has been renewed by Paramount Plus. This announcement came right after the first season of the series was concluded. It meant that Paramount Plus is pretty confident in the series and is also willing to make more for the fam. The announcement came right after the critics and fans appreciated the show for not messing up as a prequel and staying true to the events of the time.

1923 Season 2 Release Date and How to Watch

1923 Season 2, now that it has been renewed, might drop out later this year by November or December 2023. It can even be a bit late if things don’t run as smoothly as we’re thinking right now, maybe even in January of 2024. The new episodes will also drop out on Paramount Plus.

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