How to Watch 1923? Streaming Guide for the Yellowstone Spinoff

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How to Watch 1923? 

The spin-off for Yellowstone, “1923,” has finally been released, and the fans couldn’t be more excited. However, in this article, we shall present you with the streaming guide and how to watch 1923. This is a Taylor Sheridan series. Sheridan is developing a vast liberalism symphony in this series where achieving land ownership is the ultimate desire a man can have. He becomes a target of people with much less passion since he is capturing that American fate. Thus, a very different yet logical thought!

Another season is already in line and progress. The Duttons will do everything to make their place a better one, and thus their struggles hold up the whole grip of the plot. Veterans are back in the show, which makes it even more exciting. There is a lot to look forward to, and the makers of the show are superb at holding viewers on the brink of their seats. So, without any further ado, let us see how and where you can watch 1923.

1923 Plot
Yellowstone Spinoff: 1923

1923 Cast

Despite the large cast, it is them who give the show its true worth. The 1923 cast is led by Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton and Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton, who is Jacob’s wife. After the 1986 film The Mosquito Coast, they were both reunited for this film, and they were just so overwhelmed.

Other cast members are Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield, Sebastian Roché as Father Renaud, Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton, James Badge Dale as John Dutton Sr, Marley Shelton as Emma Dutton, Aminah Nieves as Teonna Rainwater, Peter Stormare as Lucca, Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton, Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra, Robert Patrick as Sheriff William McDowell, Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton, and many others.

1923 Plot

1923 goes forward to 40 years. The story of 1923 centers on the challenges of the Dutton family’s succeeding two generations as they attempt to overcome a catastrophic drought, violence brought on by Prohibition, as well as other challenges. The present patriarch of the Dutton family and Yellowstone Ranch is Jacob Dutton. It has been really challenging for him and his family as they work together to get through it.

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He is attempting to settle a conflict between cattle farmers and herdsmen because both flocks have little sustainable grazing due to a tough season. However, their lives have become much more chaotic as a result of a new neighbor who is trying to seize what is not legally his. They all fought in the darkness of Montana’s economic crash, which began almost ten years before the nation as a whole. There is a tonne of drama, including gatherings, gun battles, and plenty more adventures.

What is 1923 about?
Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton

How to Watch 1923? 

1923 is a Paramount Plus Original, and thus it is available to stream exclusively on Paramount Plus. It includes two subscription plans, one with a basic plan which is ads supported, and the other, an ad-free Premium Plan. Of course, the price varies from plan to plan. More money, more benefits. A major advance is that consumers can currently purchase Paramount+ for a 50% discount.

The Essential Plan would cost $4.99 per month, whereas the Premium plan costs $9.99 per month, which is quite fine and Paramount services offer a seven-day free trial for new customers. However, there are yearly plans too. The annual cost of the basic plan is $49.99, while the annual cost of the premium plan is $99.99. Both of these plans offer significant cost savings over the monthly bundles.

Other countries that do not have Paramount Plus streaming services can go for a good VPN to enjoy the show. Connect to a nice VPN service, and you are good to go. However, the platform is available in many major countries but at different prices. In Canada, the show premieres at the same time as the US, while viewers in Australia and the UK can watch it the next day.

Amazon Prime Video also features the Premium plan from Paramount Plus as a service for $9.99 per month. Additionally, if you wish to see Yellowstone, it is only accessible on the television channel Paramount Network. However, seasons 1-4 are available on Peacock. However, this was all we knew about how to watch 1923.

1923 Episode Schedule

The first episode of 1923 premiered on Dec. 18 at 3 am ET and is now available to watch on Paramount Plus. The 1923 episodes will be aired on Sunday night on Paramount Network if you do not have a Paramount+ subscription.

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After the first episode, the second episode of the series was released on Christmas. The third episode will return on 1st January 2023, and the finale will be released on 5 February. Only Paramount+ subscribers will be able to stream it. The other six episodes are most likely to air on Sundays.

Jacob Dutton
Jacob Dutton

The 1923 Episode Schedule is as follows:

1923 Episode 1: 18 December 2022

Episode Title: “1923”

1923 Episode 2: 25 December 2022

Episode Title: “Nature’s Empty Throne”

1923 Episode 3: 1 January 2022

Episode Title: “The War Has Come Home”

1923 Episode 4: 8 January 2022

Episode Title: “TBA”

1923 Episode 5: 15 January 2022

Episode Title: “TBA”

1923 Episode 6: 22 January 2022

Episode Title: “TBA”

1923 Episode 7: 29 January 2022

Episode Title: “TBA”

1923 Episode 8: 5 February 2022

Episode Title: “TBA”

1923 Episode 1 Ending Explained

By the end of 1923 Episode 1 ending, we’d seen all the main characters that were of importance at that moment. We’d established the world and environment that the series was set to be focused on, and we’d also been provided backstories to the characters that needed them due to their present-day being dictated by the past.

1923 Episode 1 Ending
1923 Episode 1 Ending

Many of the people in Montana were struggling due to the plague of locusts destroying the grass in the area. Meaning that there was nowhere for the animals to graze. A quarrel with Banner, who was leading his sheep astray due to his land being destroyed, ultimately leading the sheep to be harmed due to their trespassing, meant that jealousy of Jacob Dutton’s land was something that he couldn’t shake. So much so that he cut down the wire and led a giant flock of sheep there.

This is the start of something bad, and it’s certainly going to develop further. With it seeming as though somebody also fired over Jack, who was said to be getting married, I feel we may see him get harmed or even be killed. This could result in the matters being escalated and made personal, which means a rivalry or fight between two different families.

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Outside of the story that we saw unfolding within the Yellowstone Ranch, we saw that there was an arc going on in Africa. We weren’t told who it was at first, but they definitely had the mannerisms of a Dutton, and it turned out that it certainly was, it was an individual called Spencer.

Spencer was hunting a leopard in Nairobi, as he seemed to be a skilled hunter, but we saw him ultimately being pounced on after it was revealed to us that there were two of them and not one. I think he’s going to survive it, due to seeming as though there’s a lot of focus on him already due to his troubled backstory from when he was fighting. But one thing for certain after this episode is that it isn’t currently looking good for Jack following the ending.

Jacob Dutton and Banner
Jacob Dutton and Banner

Jacob Dutton

Jacob Dutton is a livestock commissioner. We saw that he and many others of the people within Montana were struggling to get their cattle to graze due to the locusts that had essentially plagued the land. He took in Spencer and John Dutton Sr. and essentially raised them as his own, along with Cara. And he appeared to have an extremely close relationship with them.

This episode mainly saw him being protective over his land and stating how his family fought for it, whilst it also showed the respect that he held within his town due to the people that were on his side. His plan was to take the cattle, along with many others in the area, up to the highland on his land and allow them to graze there for a few days so that they were able to then move on, meaning the cattle wouldn’t die.

However, Banner is putting his sheep there, and it seems as though it will cause some problems for the many cattle that have been gathered and taken there. There was already a bit of a rift between the pair in town, but with it looking like somebody fired at Jack, they could be more than an argument over land coming their way.

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