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11 Most Amazing Cosplays By Kamui Cosplay


People who watch anime are usually invested in spicy cosplays also. Well, primarily because it gives them hope that their favorite characters are not so imaginary after all. Cosplay fans have recently been streaming the videos of a certain someone on the web, yes it is Kamui Cosplay. 

This channel has gathered a lot of views over time and for all the right reasons. It provides the viewers with all the reality, fiction, technicality, and fan service they require in a perfect balance like a chef’s kiss. This one is for all those fans, counting 11 Most Amazing Cosplays By Kamui Cosplay that can’t be missed no matter what.

One of Kamui’s most vital traits as a cosplayer is how much love she truly exhibits for her followers. All of her supporters would highly suggest this if you’re looking to start cosplaying because she is also genuinely amusing in the books. Svetlana and Benni Quindt make comprise the German-based two-person team Kamui Cosplay, but Svetlana is the main representative. In 2003, they began producing costumes, which have never ceased. They enjoy watching movies and playing video games a lot. 

Svetlana first met her future husband Benni in 2003, and they soon began dating. The cosplaying teaching videos that Svetlana and Benni now produce on YouTube have amassed over 534K followers as well as offer booklets of cosplaying tutorials via their webpage.

11 Most Amazing Cosplays By Kamui Cosplay: Can’t Miss Any of Them

Following are the 11 best cosplays performed by the absolute fan favorite that cannot be missed:

11. Medion Erazer Girl Cosplay

We were tasked with bringing the ERAZER GIRL, Medion’s advertising mascot, to existence. This was the ideal time to demonstrate to you how to use this fantastic material! The finished outfit is quite comfortable and light, and the fabric itself is even reasonably priced! I sincerely hope that this encourages you to design costumes made of EVA foam as well!   This was stated by Svetlana.

This features on our listing of the day due to the extraordinary amount of labor and meticulous attention to detail that went into its creation. This one received the most page views and was particularly well-liked by her global fan base.

12. Valkyrie Cosplay 

My successfully completed Valkyrie is here! It has been an exhausting two months of making this costume! Enjoy the video, we hope! My spouse Benni and his brother Jakob deserve a special thank you since, without them, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this so quickly. Team, go! Svetlana stated. Many people thought of it as a Hollywood-level costume, and she received acclaim for her enormous talent and dedication, particularly after this endeavor. She pushed outside of her comfort zone and attempted something new for her lovely subscribers and fans, which really astonished everyone.



10. Beidou Cosplay 

Zach Fisher created Demonic Brigitte, which is my biggest project yet and a bespoke design. It took me until January 2021 to complete what I started in August of this year. It was a very challenging project, and I am extremely thrilled to share with all of you the time and effort that I put into producing this outfit! EVA foam is utilized mostly in the costume.

To see all the other items and equipment I used for this project, please visit my product links! Svetlana said that she and her partner received a lot of compliments because of their cosplay. Benny’s fake paint was quite popular with the audience. Like very few others, he successfully mimics the cell-shaded appearance of video games in real life.

9. Demonic Brigitte Cosplay

My biggest project to date is Demonic Brigitte, a unique design by Zach Fisher that combines Overwatch and Diablo. I started it in August 2019 and am currently working on it in April 2020. However, I figured I’d finally share part one of the making-of video with you. EVA foam is used to make the majority of the costume.

Please look at my product links to see what additional items and equipment I utilized for this project! The second part of the making-of will be available soon! Svetlana claimed that although her movement was constrained and the costume was painful, she still looked amazing. This, according to one fan in the comments, is the true essence of cosplay.



8. Nergigante Armor Cosplay

My favorite monster in Monster Hunter World is the nergigante, thus I had to make his armor set. This is the first installment of the build, and in it, I demonstrate how the helm, shoulder armor, breastplate, bracer, and slinger were constructed. EVA foam is used in the construction of everything. Contact cement served as my adhesive.

This movie took a little good while longer to cut because the Nergigante armor is now our largest project. I’m still working on the Decimation Claws, and there’s going to be a different video for these as well. Cosplay is definitely not my cup of tea at all, but the craftsmanship and talent that poured into this were really astounding. It was really exciting how everything came together in the end.



7. FFXIV Miqo’te Starter Set Cosplay

The Miqo’te are my favorite race in Final Fantasy XIV, and I adore that game. Although I generally make armor, I needed a comfortable summer costume this year, so the adorably adorable beginner outfit was ideal for me. I made the costume out of quite basic materials like jersey, cotton, linen, and imitation leather. My step-by-step video should be able to assist you in creating your own persona. 
– Svetlana



6. Bone Armor Cosplay

This cosplay of Kamui Cosplay video is one of the most popular ones on YouTube, according to statistics. I quickly watched this bone armor series, and wow, remarked one of her fans. It truly is fantastic! As I watched you combine them all for the fit test, I think I came close to crying.

Given how much time, energy, and labor you and Benny put into creating the complete armor and headgear, it was well worthwhile. I couldn’t help but smile and giggle as you proudly display everything. This was another masterpiece, and it has immensely motivated me. Thank you so much, Kamui Cosplay, for your tireless efforts. WE ARE SO IN LOVE WITH IT!

5. Guil Marm Cosplay

One of my favorite characters in the Monster Hunter series is Guildmarm Sophia from Monster Hunter 4. Her costume was also really fun to make and quite comfortable. This outfit necessitated a bit more time than anticipated because I’m having a little trouble with my sewing machine. But I hope that this movie demonstrates that doing a costume is still a lot of fun, regardless of the fact you have zero ideas about what you’re doing!

I spent about a month working on her in all, experimenting with numerous methods.

– Svetlana. A fan wrote sarcastically- “I have no idea what I’m doing…” *proceeds to do it perfectly*. Riiiiiiiight…



4. HZD Shadow Stalwart Cosplay

The majority of the good feedback from fans was for this one. Like these right here- Thank you very much for making a wig styling video, one of the many comments read. Even though you did a fantastic job at explaining things, I still find wig style to be incredibly scary.

One of my favorite outfits from you is taking shape to be this one! looking forward to the upcoming video, That looks incredible! Moreover, I would genuinely love to see Aloy’s purple spear from Sylvans. It hasn’t been made by anyone else that I know of, and it would be incredible if you could incorporate light into it! Just a thought, keep up the great work; you guys are really creative.

3. Link Hylian Cosplay

Given that it is related to many aspiring cosplayers, this is regarded as one of the most spectacular. Many individuals wrote: “And this is the purpose of cosplay. It’s so much fun to be in agony and misery, and suffering is enjoyable!” Absolutely captures how I feel while working on my pieces.

I feel more successful the more I suffer XD. I adore your videos so much! Every time, I smile because of your charm and editing. I watched all of your films and subscribed after one of your videos managed to find its way onto my page over a year ago. I don’t even cosplay, fun fact! Your videos are entertaining, therefore I watch them.

2. Demon Cosplay

Working with EVA foam and foam clay is so much fun! In this video, I demonstrate how to use both materials to make an excellent Demon Mask and how to use a Dremel to add a realistic bone texture. I walk you through every step of creating the pattern, manufacturing the base, modeling foam clay, adding a great texture with sandpaper, and ultimately painting it beautifully. It’s a pretty enjoyable project that can be completed in a few days and can even be customized by using a different horn style.




1. Zinogre Cosplay Transformation – Monster Hunter

Following the publication of this one, fans went absolutely crazy. They penned sentences like, “Holy moly!” The figurine they sent you makes sense. It’s amazing how much work you and Bennie put into this. I really hope that this is conserved in a museum so that future generations will be amazed by it.

And my goodness, that armor is so sick and perfect. Dude, my eyes can’t stand the magnificence.  Seriously though, this is so disgusting. Please buy your books! Despite the fact that I was meant to be working, my workplace is currently going bonkers over how freaking cool that looks after I saw the costume light up. Sincerely, your armors are more attractive than those in the game! What’s even possible about that?

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