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One Piece

Boa Hancock’s New Bounty Revealed!

Boa Hancock's New Bounty!
Boa Hancock's New Bounty Revealed

One Piece Chapter 1058 was the chapter filled with bounties revealed with a total of 12 individuals getting their bounties revealed. Nine of the straw hats and the 3 former warlords have had stunning bounty reveals in the latest One Piece Chapter. Nonetheless, One Piece Chapter 1059 is coming back this week and other people’s bounties that including the former warlord “Boa Hancock” and another former warlord and current emperor of the sea “Blackbeard” aks Marshal D. Teach.

It has been a while since we saw both of them in action. To be specific, they were both last seen in action during the Marine ford arc. However, One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers reveal that both of them are in the action with each other and have had their bounties revealed as well. What is the new bounty of the Snake Empress Boa Hancock? Well, let’s break the events related to Boa Hancock from One Piece Chapter 1059.

Boa Hancock’s New Bounty Revealed!

It was natural that Boa Hancock will have her bounty up as well because of the demolishment of the Warlord alongside other Warlords like Mihawk, Crocodile, Buggy, and Weevil. Boa Hancock’s new events followed the same pattern as how Mihawk and Buggy faced when they were also dethroned from the name of the Warlords. Marines were at their doorstep to capture them.

Before the Wano arc started, we saw that Marines under the command of Captain Koby were on their way to Amazon Lily Island to capture Boa Hancock. The events were finally shown in One Piece Chapter 1059, however, it came with a twist. The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1059 revealed that Blackbeard too was infiltrating Amazon Lily Island to capture Boa Hancock and her devil fruit. 

Boa Hancock's New Bounty Revealed!

Boa Hancock’s Previous Bounty Poster!

Besides Blackbeard being at the Amazon Lily Island, the new bounties of the said pirates were also revealed. Boa Hancock’s new bounty is 1.659 billion berries, whereas, Blackbeard’s new bounty is 3.996 billion. Though it was good to see Boa Hancock’s new bounty, it was said to read the Black Beard has stolen her devil fruit and she won’t be able Love-Love Fruit anymore. Furthermore, if it wasn’t for Rayleighs, then Blackbeard might even have killed Boa Hancock.

Nonetheless, her bounty was well deserved which is a lot higher than the previous bounty which was only 80 million berries. A trivia about Boa Hancock is that she was the only female Warlord known to this date in One Piece and the bounty she got was she was a teenager and was seen as the captain of the Kuja Pirates. What do you think about Boa Hancock’s New Bounty and Blackbeard stealing her devil fruit? Feel free to comment your opinion.

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