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Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5
Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

We know that the upcoming Naked and Afraid season may include more difficulties. The first episode of the survivalist reality series “Welcome to America!” was filmed in north coast Mexico’s arid Sabinoso Area and received a ton of television viewership. Together with the clues for the previous season, we will present all the details, including the launch date and spoiler information for Naked and Afraid Season 15 Episode 5.

Two strangers or international participants will actually participate in the show’s 20-day survival training adventure for the first year. In a scenario with “rattlesnakes, odd terrain, and shifting temperatures,” Lilly Jammerbund and Samuel Mouzer, both of British and Austrian ancestry, will fight in a survival trial. They can only be provided with food, clothing, and beverages for strenuous tasks.

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What can fans expect from Naked and Afraid’s 15th season?

Many competitors in the 15th season of Naked and Afraid must struggle to survive while gathering food and keeping an eye out for poisonous creatures and insects, regardless of whether they’re in the harsh jungles of Guyana or Mexico’s Devil’s Canyon. The participants seek food, drink, or shelter in harsh environments like Mexico’s Devil’s Canyon and the Guyanan jungle.

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5

A still from the trailer. Credits: Hulu

Everything about Naked and Afraid’s 15th season format

To begin this season, two foreign kooks will compete to see who will spend more time abroad—three weeks or 21 days—in the American West. Sometimes people will utilize their time in the wilderness to atone for their past wrongdoings by putting more effort into surviving.

The survivors will make the most of their last opportunity to demonstrate their tenacity and prevail as a tribe after failing to complete earlier tasks and lamenting their bad choices. They need to prepare for the challenges that these survivalists will face. Survivalists are soon turned from prepared to punished by the persistent insects, erratic weather, and undiscovered terrain as they are forced well outside of their comfort zones.

spoilers for the fifteenth season of Naked and Afraid

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how four young Kooks who failed earlier missions will be sent to South Africa for revenge. It will be intriguing to see if they can make it through the following 21 days and emerge victorious as a tribe despite their past failings.

The upcoming episodes will also feature a task that Michael, a fishing boat captain, and Jaclin, an attorney, will take on over the next three weeks amid the world’s largest dunes, the Kalahari Dunes in South Africa. Yet, it needs to be seen how these people would respond if an unexpected cold front occurred and savage lions and rhinos assaulted the couple.

How many contestants will participate in the 15th season of Naked and Afraid?

An unknown number of contestants will take part in the 15th season of Naked and Afraid. A doctor from Albuquerque named Kami Elsie attempts to survive in the Rupunini, Guyana, jungle as “an extremely hard and demanding MMA fighter” in episode 2.

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5

A still from the trailer. Credits: Hulu

Two Naked and Afraid healthcare staff members will also operate independently. But four more ex-survivalists who gave up on their objective the previous season will return to make amends.

Naked and Afraid Season 15 Episode 5’s release date

Naked and Afraid Season 15 Episode 5’s release date is March 19, 2023. Naked and Afraid Season 15 Episode 5 will debut every Sunday at 8 p.m. in the US on Discovery. Followers of the said show and viewers from across the world can also access Naked and Afraid season 15 episode 5 at:

  • For the fans watching from Australia: 12:01 p.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time (March 20)
  • For the fans watching from India: 6.31 a.m. Indian Standard Time (March 20).
  • For the fans living in the UK: 1 a.m. Greenwich means time (March 20).

Naked and Afraid Season 15 Episode 5: How to Watch

The times shown above are the live streaming times for Naked and Afraid season 15 episode 5. The event hours must be compared to those in the attendees’ locations. You can buy a Discovery Go watch for roughly $5. And for $15, fans can become Hulu subscribers.

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