Linda Hunt Net Worth

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Linda Hunt Net Worth
Linda Hunt (Credits: Getty Images)

Do you remember a classic character, Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas? Linda Hunt was the voice behind the character. Her husky voice has helped her narrate several cartoons, documentaries, and even commercials. The fictional animated character, Edna E Mode in NCIS: Los Angeles, is portrayed by her, the character looks like Linda, and she gave her voice to the character. She won two Teen Choice Awards for portraying the character well.

Similarly, she has been a part of several TV shows and movies. In 1982, she portrayed an opposite-gender character named Billy Kwan in the movie, The Year of Living Dangerously. Her work was so good in the movie that she received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. From 1972 to the present day, she worked in theatres, gave voice to characters, and worked in TV shows, and you must be wondering what could be Linda Hunt’s Net Worth. 

Linda Hunt Early Life

Linda was just 8 when she decided to be an actress. Her father, who was the vice president of Harper Fuel Oil, took her to see Peter Pan on Broadway. There, she was fascinated and started dreaming of being an actress. She was a student of Interlochen Arts Academy and later a student of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Goodman School of Drama.

Linda Hunt Net Worth
Young Linda Hunt in theatres (Credits: CBS)

This was the first step closer to her dreams, but there were people to push her behind. She was heavily bullied by her classmates as she was suffering from hypo pituitary dwarfism. She said in an interview that people would either take care of her or bully her because she wasn’t growing up.

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Linda Hunt Career

Linda Hunt’s acting career started in 1972 when she was a theatre actress. She was a well-known name in live stage performances. After that, she entered film and television. Her debut play was Ah, Wilderness, and she was nominated for Tony Award. This was not much rather the start. Linda was in the play Aunt Dan and Lemon and played the lead role of Aunt. Then she went on working on another play Hamlet. She debuted in film in 1980 when she appeared in Popeye. Linda’s debut Television series was David E. Kelley’s series The Practice. Her husky voice is quite famous, so she even got work as a voice-over artist.

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Linda Hunt’s Net Worth

Linda Hunt currently has an estimated net worth of $8 million, but it changed a lot during her time in the industry. Their current net worth is predicted to get increased shortly since she has been assigned to a few projects. She has touched the million-dollar club with the help of her acting talent. She used her talent in the industry over the years to create wonders and eventually earned a luxurious living.

Linda Hunt Net Worth
Linda Hunt (Credits: Shutterstock)

Linda gets a hefty amount for an episode, but the exact amount isn’t disclosed, so we can not count on that. However, the fortune she enjoys is all from her acting career and the stocks in which she has been investing for years. Linda is an experienced star in the industry who has been working in it for decades and has put her efforts into theatres, movies, and series. Her husky voice got so much popularity that the fictional character, Edna E Mode (played by Linda), became a household name.

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Linda Hunt’s Personal Life

When Linda was a kid, she was diagnosed as having a medical condition that was next to impossible to be cured. She was suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency which is also known as Hypopituitary Dwarfism. It is a medical condition that stops the growth of hormones because of which human growth does not grow as it should be growing.

Resulting in a short height, so Linda currently is 4 feet 9 inches tall. She was bullied when she was young, but later she found herself the love of her life. He was a psychotherapist named Karen Kline. The two have been in a relationship since 1978, and in 2008 they got married. The couple is still together and has a beautiful bond between them.

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