What Happened To James Harden? Why Do NBA Players Hate Him?

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James Harden
James Harden (Credits: Getty Images)

NBA semifinals were held recently, and James Harden rescued the team and defeated Celtics. The team, the Philadelphia 76ers, collected all the hardships and determination and is all set to hit the road to Boston. On Sunday, the team was playing against Celtics and won by 116-115 in Game 4, and guess who was the one behind the final victory – James Harden. He is a 10-time NBA star player who used his brains and his practice and pushed the match into overtime which proved to be an advantage for the team.

Later, Harden said in the interviews that he put his work into that game, so it was all about being aggressive. He further said that Sunday night was certainly a do-or-die for him and the team. He did amazing, but the fans, on the other hand, are worried about James Harden’s career. Recently, he revealed something big regarding his health, which forced analysts and fans to think about his future playoffs. What happened to James Harden is what you must be thinking. So, Read on. 

Who is James Harden?

James Harden, or James Edward Harden Jr., is a US-born professional basketball player in NBA (National Basketball Association). His professionalism can be assumed by the no. of scores he did in his career. He plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, but he was widely in the news for a long time. We will discuss this later in this article. James Harden has been playing basketball professionally since he was in his college days. He used to play for Arizona State Sun Devils. He was on the team from 2007 to 2009, and it was 09 when he was known as Pac-10 Player of the Year and All-American, which is an honor in its own way.

What HAppened to James Harden?
James Harden playing for the Philadelphia 76ers (Credits: Getty Images)

After 2009, he was selected for Oklahoma City Thunder, and he left the team in 2012. Just after he left Oklahoma, he entered Houston Rockets and left it in 2021. He was associated with the team for a very long time but left and joined Brooklyn Nets only for one year. In 2022, he joined the Philadelphia 76ers, and he is still associated with them. Well, he dated Khloe Kardashian a few years ago, but they mutually decided to split. He once said in an interview that he was very happy that Khloe became a successful woman after they split. 

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What Happened To James Harden?

James Harden is no doubt a brilliant player, and some of his former team members even hate him for that. But Harden recently revealed that he is going through a tough time. Achilles injury affects the back of the lower leg, which is a serious problem for a sportsperson and needs immediate medical support.

It is an injury that needs a longer time to heal, and James revealed that he has been facing the injury for some months. He said that he had almost overcome the injury and he could be fine anytime soon. We do not know if he could get fit by the time of playoffs. Harden has always been so positive, and because of such attitude, he takes his team to victory.

James Harden
James Harden rescued Philadelphia 76ers through NBA Semi-finals (Credits: Getty Images)

His fans and analysts about his injury and the upcoming playoffs. There are a lot of playoffs coming soon which is certainly very important for NBA performers, and analysts are not able to predict if Harden and his team will be able to succeed with the injury. James Harden has been in the game for years, and he is very perfect in it, so his determination, leadership, and professionalism will be very important for the upcoming playoffs. Fans are closely waiting for Harden to do wonders in the upcoming matches as he always does.

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His Past Few Games 

The last ten games of James Harden, when he was in Brooklyn Nets, were tremendous. He put up some amazing numbers which directly led the team to victory, and we are going to discuss that in short. Harden has achieved ten assists, 26 points, and 10-11 rebounds in each of the ten games mentioned.

With these points, Harden was one of the top players in the league. As he mentioned that he has been struggling with the injury for months, which means he has been playing while the injury existed, which shows his determination toward the game. Fans certainly would love to see him in all the upcoming matches.

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