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Going Seventeen 2022 Episode 28: Release Date and How To Watch

episode 28
Going Seventeen 2022 Episode 28: Release Date. Cr: Google

Korean dramas successfully forge the viewers’ emotional bonds. The manner these characters are created and brought through difficulties allows the viewer to identify with them and experience the same feelings. Going Seventeen is a well-known show. Since switching to a range of show content in 2019, it has become a popular digital reality program with a large viewership. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CARAT or not because the show thinks itself to be a fantastic entertainment event.

It has garnered great feedback and a rising number of views. After watching episodes of the videos, many viewers were converted to CUBIC (non-CARAT but regular viewers of “Going SEVENTEEN”). Going Seventeen’s unique concept is one of the primary reasons driving the series’ massive fan base and audience anticipation for Going Seventeen 2022 episode 28. Each episode contains one or more plot twists that keep viewers engaged.

going seventeen episode 28

All About ‘Going Seventeen’ Series

Everything About Going Seventeen Series

A South Korean web series called Going Seventeen features the boy band Seventeen. Since the series’ debut on June 12, 2017, it has been accessible for free streaming on YouTube and V Live. It shows the band members partaking in a range of activities based on the primary topic of the episode, ranging from games or fulfilling tasks to skits, role-playing, and get-togethers. In its early seasons, the show was mostly a video blog / behind-the-scenes style, chronicling the band’s many activities during their career with occasional variety-type episodes. The format officially changed to a variety program in 2019, and it began airing every Monday at 10:10 p.m. in January 2020, KST (22:10). After the start of its fifth season in April 2021, it started broadcasting on Wednesdays at 21:00 KST. The program has received excellent reviews for producing great content that can be appreciated by anybody in and beyond the band’s fans throughout its broadcast existence, with cumulative views topping 270 million as of January 2022.

Going Seventeen

What Has Taken Place In The Going Seventeen 2022 Series So Far?

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What Has Happened Thus Far In The Going Seventeen 2022 Series?

The Seventeen cast members discover more about each of their personalities after doing a “retake” on their MBTI exam using the more precise Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) test they completed before the commencement of production. The findings of the members’ TCI test are thoroughly explained by renowned psychologist Dr. Song Hyung-seok.

Seventeen splits into two teams and plays a mash-up of a scavenger hunt, hide-and-seek, and tag games. Each 20-minute round, the defensive team is allowed 10 minutes to spread five things throughout the game area, making sure the items are visible. As the defense team momentarily quits the game area, the attacking team enters and is allowed three minutes to search for the defensive team’s items by photographing any object in the game area. Following that, the defense team reenters and has seven minutes to catch members of the attacking team. The offensive team provides the final images of the five objects they think to belong to the defense team at the end of each round. The team “Hot Pack” that finds the most opponent items wins. 

The seventeen members perform a skit about residents of the fictitious village of Sebong 2-ri getting ready for the National Singing Contest. Wonwoo portrays Jeon Won-woo, the title character, a high school student who records the many situations in the hamlet before the catastrophe. In this manner, they have been playing several fascinating games in each episode, providing us with plenty of pleasure.

episode 28

Going Seventeen 2022 Episode 28: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Going Seventeen 2022 Episode 28: Release Date & How To Watch

The television show “Going Seventeen 2022” episode 28 will be broadcast on September 14, 2022, around 6 p.m. It will be broadcast in the Korean language on V Live in South Korea at KST. The episode will be 26 minutes long. The actors are Wonwoo as Jeon Won-woo, a high school student of 18 who aspires to create documentaries; Dino as Pi Cheol-in, a 54-year-old resident of Sebong 2-RI; Hoshi plays Jo Eul-ho, a 34-year-old novice trot singer hoping to win the National Singing Contest; while Seungkwan portrays Pi Doo-baek, a resident of Sebong 2-ri and Cheol-younger in’s brother. In Sebong 2-ri, Mingyu plays Yeon Ye-in, Eul-33-year-old ho’s manager; and Jeonghan and Joshua play Yoon Ni-eun and Jo Gi-yeok, two sluggish locals.

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