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Adamas Episode 15 Release Date: Hyesoo Takes Over Haesong!

how to watch Adamas Episode 15
Adamas Episode 15 release date/ Cr: Otakukart

Adamas has been receiving rave reviews from the critics’ fraternity worldwide. The audience is not hesitating to shower their love for the show as well. The plot includes all the elements of a thrilling ride. From the twists to the cast’s exceptional performances, Adamas is checking all the boxes on the way to becoming one of the best dramas of 2022. The audience can’t wait for the show’s upcoming episode, and they should rejoice as the ‘Adamas Episode 15’ release date is near.

So when will “Adamas Episode 15” be released? You all have landed at the right place as we will be revealing the ‘Adamas episode 15’ release date along with ‘where to watch Adamas episode 15? But, before we get into the ‘Adamas Episode 15’ streaming details, let’s fill in for those who missed the previous episode, which was high on twists and action.

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Adamas Episode 14 Recap

In Adamas episode 14, we see Su-Hyeon and Seo-hee struggling to find Woo-sin. On the other hand, we see a policeman entering the location where Woo-sin is and starting to torture Woo-sin. Chang-woo begs the guy to stop as he breaks Seo’s hand. All the begging is useless as the man only intends to find out where Adamas is. The guy is unaware that his beating has broken the chip in Seo’s arm. The team has lost track and has to find Seo without the GPS.

how to watch adamas kdrama

Chang-woo begs the cop to stop beating Seo

The group, after scouring several containers, finally got hold of Seo. Then we see Hyuk learning about the Chairman getting shot by Tae. But the audience soon discovers that the Chairman is not dead yet, and Hyun-jo asks the hospital to keep him alive. In a shocking turn of events, we again witness Tae going to the hospital to kill the Chairman. But as expected, Hyuk-pil comes and stops him.

how to watch adamas kdrama

Hyuk-pil asks Tae to leave the country

Then Hyuk asks Tae to leave the country, threatening that killing the Chairman and running away is not such an easy task. The episode soon introduces another twist as Chang-woo’s -former membership in Team A is revealed to Seo. Sin is seen aiming a gun at Chang-woo as he searches for Adamas’ location. Chang-woo looks for the right opportunity and grabs the gun.

how to watch adamas

Su-Hyeon finds several dead bodies in containers

Woo-sin figures out what Chang-woo did with the Adamas the night his father was murdered. SIH team goes to the location that Chul-min shared. Who would have thought Hye-soo would help Ms. Kwon to kill the Chairman? Ms. Kwon was planning to kill the Chairman; this time, she found the chance and used it to stab the Chairman’s heart. She finally avenged her son’s death. And in the final moments, we see Su-Hyeon finding containers filled with dead bodies.

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Adamas Trailer

The story of Adamas combines numerous genres, earning it an 8/10 on ‘My Drama list.’ The show is a thriller-mystery drama in which twin brothers collaborate to learn the truth about a crime that happened 22 years ago and involved their father. It looks like Ji Sung is playing a double role in the show. He portrays both the siblings, one as best-selling mystery author Woo Shin and the other as public prosecutor Soo Hyun.

According to the summary provided by the drama’s creators, when seeking to exonerate their stepfather of the false accusations made against him, the siblings find themselves up against a powerful evil. Pursuing the truth reveals numerous mysteries that have been kept secret by a powerful force.

Adamas Episode 15 Release Date

Adamas Episode 15 release date is September 14, 2022. It will be broadcasted on a TV network called tvN at 22: 30 KST. International fans can stream Adamas Episode 15 on Disney+ or Disney+ Hotstar at the timings listed below. Have a look at the schedule and cross-check with your local region’s time to avoid missing the episode.

• British Summer Time: 4:00 pm (September 14, 2022).
• Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm (September 14, 2022)
• Singapore Standard Time: 11:00 pm (September 14, 2022)
• Philippines: 11:00 pm (September 14, 2022)
• Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 am. (September 15, 2022)
• Eastern Daylight Time: 11:00 am (September 14, 2022)

Where To Watch Adamas Episode 15?

For Korea, Adamas Episode 15 will be broadcast on Korea’s TV network, tvN, at 22:30 KST. And for the international audience, Adamas Episode 15 will be premiered on Disney+ at the above timings except in India. In India, Adamas Episode 15 will release on Disney+ Hotstar. Disney+ and Disney+ subscription costs vary between $7.99-$79.99.

So update your calendars, and don’t forget to watch Adamas Episode 15.

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