Dandadan Chapter 78 Release Date: Vamola The Pretty Homeless Alien

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Dandadan Chapter 78
Dandadan Chapter 78

Dandadan Chapter 78 reveals the aftermath of Vamola and Momo vs. Pretty Wan-Be Old Hag Pamode. This bout takes longer than expected, but Momo and Vamola trick Pamaode after defeating her in a beauty contest. Pamode is surprised that Momo and Vamola defeated her and realizes that she made a mistake but lets the two get out of the mirror. After Momo and Vamola chant Pamode’s name ten times, she turns into dust and disappears. 

Momo and Vamola arrive at school in time and narrate what they encounter on their way. The world has returned to peaceful days, but ferocious aliens are yet to arrive in the human world. The chapter begins in school, where the students enjoy trying to eat different new food. Vamola sees the list of human food and realizes it is her first time seeing food like apples, Takoyaki, and other stuff.

But the Takoyaki is the one that draws her attention, and she begins to think about what it is. The other students gather around Vamola after realizing she is a new student. The guy who notices that Vamola is cute asks her if she has a boyfriend, and the other punks comment that Vamola is pretty and they deserve to talk with her. The boys scold each other about who should talk with Vamola first.

Vamola wonders what a boyfriend is since there are no such things in the world where she comes from. The nerd who wears glasses shouts t the punks that they must give turns talking with Vamola, and the punks wonder what that nerd is saying since he doesn’t even deserve to be on the list of guys who can talk with Vamola. Th ponytail girl asks Vamola about the country she came from, and Vamola replies that it is Takoyaki. Vamola has no clues about anything or what humans are asking her.

Previously on Dandadan Chapter 77

The chubby Indian guy with a mustache reveals that Vamola is from India. He comments that the mysterious beauty is from India and cute girls with smooth chocolate skin are only found in India. Ken begins to wonder and thinks they must keep asking Vamola about many things to know her better. The lady near Ken asks about Vamola and Momo’s connection.

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Dandadan Chapter 78

The chubby Indian guy replied that Vamola was a pretty homeless girl staying with Momo. Vamola continues to think about Tokoyaki and ends up saying Takakura. But Ken reminds her that it is Takoyaki. The third girl realizes that the chubby Indian guy’s name is not Takakura Ken and wonders if Vamola is attached to Takakura. Ken touches his head and wonders if Vamola is truly watched to him.

The other girls think that the class rep will never believe what any of them is saying about Vamola. Sakata comments on something, and the girls remind him they are asking Ken. They add that they will believe Ken if he has something to tell them about Vamola. But they had no clues that Vamola was the pretty homeless alien girl. The girls believe that Ken will never lie in his life, and he won’t even lie about Vamola. 

Sakata reminds the girls that he is the one who saved the world by riding a piloted robot. The ponytail girl replied that she couldn’t force herself to believe Sakata and added that Sataka was a bonehead. Ken reveals that Sakata saved the world and he was not lying, and this news shocked the whole class since everyone knows Indians are not fighting guys but peaceful guys. The girls scolded Ken and commented that they thought he was a truthful guy. Vamola surprised the class after saying Takakura Ken, then said, boyfriend. 

Dandadan Chapter 78 Release Date 

Dandadan Chapter 78 will be released on 17 October 2022. The class wonders if there is chemistry between Vamola and Ken. But they had no clues that Vamola was learning the human language. The students ask Ken if he and Vamola are a couple which Ken denies. Momo arrives and hears everything, but she is not worried since she knows Vamola well. Check out Dandadan Chapter 78 official updates. 

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Momo and Ken
Momo and Ken

Read Dandadan Chapter 78 Online – Raw Details

You can read Dandadan Chapter 78 online on Mangaplus and Viz. Viz Media and Mangaplus are official partners and offer Dandadan chapters for free weekly. Another vicious old hag, Reiko Kashima, who is undefeatable, arrives in the streets. The mystery behind the pretty homeless alien girl continues in the next chapter of Dandadan. Let’s meet after Dandadan Chapter 78 is released. 

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