Duke Pendragon Chapter 56 Release Date: Ron Vincent, The Master of The Tower of Dusk Vs. Eren Pendragon

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Duke Pendragon Chapter 56
Duke Pendragon Chapter 56

Duke Pendragon reveals the war between humans and super monsters. After Raven’s death, the new Pendragon was chosen, revealed by a white dragon elf lady in front of Eren’s mother. Eren’s mother was not shocked that Eren was the Pendragon. Duke Pendragon Chapter 56 begins after Eren decides to visit Raven’s hometown. On the way, Eren talks about their business. 

Eren also talked about Segunde, the governor who created a business generating a lot of money. The guy who despises Eren pretends as if he is giving Eren a drink and attacks him after making Eren drop the glass. But Eren was cautious enough to dodge the attack its time, but he was scratched on his neck when he leaned back.

Eren wonders why this guy is fighting him, but the guy keeps on swinging massive punches. The guy fights Eren at a close distance, and Eren manages to block all the barrages. Eren realizes this guy is the sly old fox, and he will never expect less from a sly fox with Isla. The guy asks Eren if he is not the sly one since he pretended to be afraid of his aura.

Duke Pendragon Chapter 56
Duke Pendragon

He also reveals how Eren fought with the Dark King. Eren and the strange guy hold each other by collars. The strange guy admits that Eren has become stronger, but it won’t be easy for him to die. He also adds that he has an important role to play in the world before he dies and that Ere is the one who will RIP.

Eren talks about the stranger’s powers and how they will affect the world. He pushes the strange guy back and reveals that he has not come to capture or kill him but wants to buy him. The strange guy realizes that Eren has come for business. 

Previously In Duke Pendragon Chapter 55

Eren calls that strange the Master of the Tower of Dusk, Ron Vincent. Ron wonders how Eren knows about him and what he has accomplished in life. He realizes that Eren is not a threat. Eren realizes that it took him time to notice Ron since Isla gave him a confusing description, and that causes the two to brawl before Eren reveals what he is here for. 

Eren looks at Ron and realizes that Ron has a tower tattoo that also helped him to recognize the Mater of the Tower of Dusk. Tower of Dusk and very little about it known, and those with that tattoo serve Ron since he is their Master. Eren knows that two things about the Tower of Dusk are certain. When one confronts the guys with Tower tattoos, it is evident they are from there.

The talented guy excels in different fields, and their leader is known as Master. Eren realizes that he has also learned about the story of those members of the Demon Corps. He asks Ron if he wants to strengthen the foundation of Leus and take control of all the empires’ coastal cities.

Ron is surprised that Eren knows many things about him and his plans that he has never told anyone. Eren believes that Ron is planning something big. He wonders why someone of Ron’s caliber is working under Count Segunda. Ron admits that Segunda is not incompetent since he worked with him without caring about his social status.

Ron reveals everything about Segunda. Eren reveals that Segunda wants to kill him, Ian, and the imperial prince, Sion. Ron believes he doesn’t care about the nobles since he must protect everyone and bring wealth to the world. 

Duke Pendragon Chapter 56 Release Date

Duke Pendragon Chapter 56 wil be released on 12 October 2022. Ron comments that Segunda is better than all nobles. Eren asks if a noble like Eren Pendragon is included in that list. Ron replies that he is not sure, and Eren invites him to come to the Pendragon territory and become a house guest to judge them. Check out the Duke Pendragon Chapter 56 latest updates below. 

Duke Pendragon Chapter 56
Ron Vincent

Read Duke Pendragon Chapter 56 Online – Raw Details

You can read Duke Pendragon Chapter 56 online on official websites. All the chapters are available on Duke Pendragon Manga’s official website. Eren leaves after paying, and Ron accepts his invitation. Ron visits the Pendragon territory in the next chapter of  Duke Pendragon. Let’s meet after Duke Pendragon Chapter 56 is released. 

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