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Are Jamie and Joseph Dating? The Stranger Things Duo in Question

Jamie and joseph dating?
Are Jamie and joseph dating?

Are Stranger Things co-stars Jamie and joseph dating? The popular sci-fi drama series Stranger Things recently expanded its family as Jamie Campbell Bower, and Joseph Quinn were the newest additions who both joined “Stranger Things” during its sensational fourth season. Quinn’s character, Eddie Munson, soon became a fan favorite character, but sadly, his time on the series was rather short-lived! Fans grieved as Munson has martyred in the season four finale, which was followed by a heroic scene inspired by Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

Bower earlier opened up about his character in an early interview and admitted that he emphasized despite his malicious actions. The actor defended his on-screen character by explaining how Vecna had a “lot of humanity” which was before his banishment to the Upside Down. Sadly, it eventually stripped him down to “rage and resentment.” While the series finale has taken social media by storm, fans surely cannot get enough of Joseph and Jamie’s bromance!

From cute interviews to funny videos, the co-stars are pretty much inseparable! Not to forget how in a fun game of ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’ that was played along with fellow co-stars Maya Hawke and Joe Keery posted on YouTube, Joseph admitted that he would kiss Vecna. When asked the reason, the actor said, “Have you seen Jamie?” Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts to know whether Jamie and joseph are dating or not.

Are Jamie and joseph dating?

Jamie and Joseph might not be dating after all. The conclusion of the fourth season of the series received mixed reviews, but one thing that fans loved was the newest additions, Joseph Quinn and Jamie Campbell Bower! So much so that fans have been shipping the two in real life and have been wishing they can get together! While that is not happening, it seems, the co-stars have surely become good friends as a video of the two being interviewed as a group while on a Brazilian promotional tour has become viral, and fans surely cannot get over it!

Jamie and joseph dating?

Are Jamie and joseph dating?

In the interview, Joseph seems to be imitating Gil Do Vigor by yelling, Vai Brasil! loudly. While fans sure do love Quinn’s passion, Campbell Bower doesn’t seem to be an exception as well. Even Joseph said that he does feel sorry for Vecna to be honest, while adding that it was horrible what happened to him, as Jamie replied that he feels sorry for Eddie.

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Who is Jamie Dating in real life?

In real life, Jamie is reportedly dating creative agent Jess Moloney and the two have been going strong for nearly a year and a half. The pair have already made their couple debut earlier this year in May 2022 at the Stranger Things 4 premiere.

Later paparazzi spotted the two after being snapped while sharing a passionate kiss on a Malibu beach. Earlier to this, the Stranger Things star was romantically last linked to tattoo artist Ruby Quilter, whom he made his couple debut with at the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in 2018.

Jamie and joseph dating?

Are Jamie and joseph dating?

Why did Jamie Apologise To Joseph?

Jamie Campbell Bower recently revealed that “Stranger Things” fans asked him to apologize to Joseph Quinn. This comes after Quinn’s character Eddie tragically died in the season four finale, which was followed by fans taking to social media to mourn the death of the on-screen character. Bower, who portrayed the role of the antagonistic Vecna, has finally admitted that he didn’t want to apologize and was not “sorry” for Eddie’s death.

However, Despite the actor’s assertion that he was not sorry for Eddie’s death, Jamie apologized to Quinn in a video that was posted by the streaming giant earlier in July. In the video, the actor called Eddie the “main victim of all of this,” and further presented Quinn with a beautiful floral arrangement from Netflix Brasil as he concluded by explaining how things got complicated at the end of the season, and he did some things he regrets. 

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