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Are Drake and the Weeknd Dating? All To Know About it

drake and the weeknd dating
Are drake and the weeknd dating?

Are good friends drake and the Weeknd dating? While Canadian artist Drake has been ruling the music industry as one of the most popular rappers of all time, he has also managed to give the industry one of its biggest talents: The Weeknd. Drake initially introduced the artist to his fanbase in 2010, when he put him under the spotlight after posting two of the singer’s songs on his October’s Very Own blog.

The artists met in 2011, as The Weeknd was promoting his debut mixtape named House of Balloons. Later, the two soon joined forces and Weeknd contributed to Drake’s sophomore album Take Care the same year. It was a massive hit amongst music lovers and turned out to be the start of a talent collaboration. However, the friendship surely went through a few hiccups and this also included speculation about The Weeknd dissing Drake in a cryptic lyric. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts to know whether drake and the weekend dating or not.

Are Drake and the Weeknd dating?

While Drake and The Weeknd do not seem to be dating, the two have been good friends for a long and have worked on several songs as well. Earlier this year in February 2022, The Weeknd celebrated his 32nd birthday and his good friend Drake accompanied him as fans saw in an Instagram video upload, their friendship is right back on track as the Canadian rapper was in attendance and also took to social media to publically share his love and appreciation for the singer on the night.

drake and the weeknd dating

Are drake and the Weeknd dating?

As the post read, how they were there from day one and he was grateful not only to be here with his brothers but just grateful that the family is back together where they belong from the greatest city in the world. The artists have earlier reunited as Drake gave fans a huge surprise by bringing out The Weeknd to perform “The Hills” during a stop in Germany on his Boy Meets World Tour.

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Did Drake and The Weeknd Have a Feud?

While the two initially started working together, there was a rumours rift between the two after The Weeknd ended up signing a record deal with Republic Records. As many anticipated that he will instead sign with Drake’s OVO Sound imprint. Although Drake and The Weeknd eventually put this rumoured rift behind them, there were a few more issues that kept rising between the two.

These speculations were further fuelled after The Weeknd made a rather shocking revelation in an early interview saying how he gave the rapper music he originally planned on using for his album Taking Care. He further added that he gave up almost half of his album and admitted that while he will always be thankful, he said that if it wasn’t for the light Drake shined on him who knows where he would be? The singer pointed out that everything happens for a reason and one never knows what he would say if this success wasn’t in front of him now.

Did Drake Date Weeknd’s Ex Bella Hadid?

While the two artists have allegedly been feuding for a while, these allegations resurfaced after Rapper Drake reportedly showed interest in Weeknd’s former partner Bella Hadid. The Canadian rapper reportedly threw the model an extravagant 21st birthday party at New York City’s Socialista lounge. However, these rumours soon fizzled out after The Weeknd and Hadid repeatedly rekindled their relationship. Later, it was allegedly claimed that Drake broke things off via text with the model. 

drake and the weeknd dating

Are Drake and the weeknd dating

The Weeknd appears on the Gesaffelstein song titled Lost in the Fire and might have dropped a line that made fans speculate that it might be a diss at Drake. As the lyric said, “And I just want a baby with the right one/’Cause I would never be the one to hide one,”. These lines might have been a reference to Drake’s personal life.

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