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If You Wish Upon Me Episode 9 Release Date: Gyeo Ree On His Way To Discover His Happy Space

“Well, I feel like I might be able to live like ordinary people and find joy and happiness if I stayed here”, this is what Gyeo Ree wanted throughout his life. He never had the chance to live an ordinary life, rather it was full of hardships, pain, and suffering. It was in the hospice that he found the true art of living. How everyone enjoys the small things and how one can find immense comfort by being the source of others’ happiness. The people there never treated him as an outsider who just came for volunteer work, rather they treated him as a member of the family. 

From I don’t have a reason to live to staying at the hospice and finding another day to live, Gyeo Ree as a character has certainly come a long way. If You Wish Upon Me gives a chance to enjoy every dynamic of a relationship, and it’s not only confined to human-to-human interaction. We can’t get enough of Gyeo Ree and Sonny’s moments together and how he played such a crucial part in his life. If anyhow you still haven’t watched this drama, give it a chance, and you will not regret one bit of it. 

What To Expect From If You Wish Upon Me Episode 9?

A rather unexpected situation arises when Gyeo Ree’s ex Jung Kyung comes to meet him. His expressions justified the situation, how it was a toxic relationship to be with. Jung Kyung suffers from some sort of insecurity where according to her, Gyeo Ree can be with no one else. Words like, “I will jump off a building if you don’t stay” scream how problematic it is. With the recent events taken into account, Gyeo Ree and Yeon Joo finally acknowledge their feelings. Will this sudden shift in the scenario cause trouble in paradise? Well, we have to wait for the upcoming episodes of If You Wish Upon Me for that. 

If You Wish Upon Me Ep 9

Final moments of Sonny

On the other hand, Gyeo Ree is on his way to recovering from Sonny’s death. Just like the others at the hospice whose last wishes are always tried to be fulfilled, Gyeo Ree thought that taking revenge on Sonny’s previous owners could be a part of his last wish. However, when he learns that they are considering buying a new dog, it makes him angrier.

With Sonny passing away, a part of Gyeo Ree’s heart was gone, however, despite the pain, he was trying to rediscover himself. His time at the hospice was kind of over. He still helped a patient visit a zoo where he used to work to meet the giraffe he loved. Gyeo Ree knows how it feels when someone so close to one’s heart passes away, so he understood where the thought of the patient was coming from. 

Meanwhile, what is going on inside room no 403 is still under wraps, and maybe it will be revealed in the future. So don’t forget to watch it.

A confession was waiting for us as Gyeo Ree and Yeon Joo admitted having feelings for each other, and eventually, we witnessed our much-awaited kiss. However, the moment turned a bit awkward when after returning to the hospice Gyeo Ree met a part of his tormented past, his ex-girlfriend.

If You Wish Upon Me Ep 9

A conversation between Yeon Joo and Mr Kang

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Where To Watch If You Wish Upon Me Episode 9? Online Streaming Details

 If You Wish Upon Me will be broadcasted on its original broadcasting network, KBS2 ViuTV. For the international audience, the drama is available on Wavve and the Rakuten Viki app. However, to avail of this drama on the Rakuten Viki app, you will have to buy the Standard Viki pass.

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When Will If You Wish Upon Me Episode 9 Release?

If You Wish Upon Me, Episode 9 will be released on 7th September 2022. With an ensemble group of actors and an amazing plotline, the drama is surely a must-watch. 

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