Big Brother Canada Season 11 Episode 1 Meet the HouseGuests: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Big Brother Canada Season 11 Release Date
Big Brother Canada Season 11 Manor (Credit: Big Brother Network Canada)

The newest season of Big Brother Canada is back. After the enthralling win of Kevin Jacobs in season 10, fans are much excited to know what Big Brother Canada has in store this year to keep them hooked till the end. So, here we bring you everything you need to know about the participants, host, release date and time of Big Brother Canada Season 11. 

Inspired by the Dutch series of the same name, Big Brother Canada has been enticing fans since 2013. The show takes all the participating members to an isolated location to live inside the manor for several days. The participants are strangers to each other and living in a compact place for days becomes harder for them once they start getting to know one another.

Additionally, Big Brother comes up with games and tasks each week to let all participants compete with each other. At the end of the week,  the elimination happens. All the contestant gets the right to vote out the contestant they do not want to live with anymore and the one who gets the highest votes gets eliminated. In this way, one by one participant leaves the villa until two contestant remains in the end. The jury then takes their final decision and announces who is going to take a huge sum of $100,000 home.

After 10 successful seasons, Big Brother is going to renew this year for its 11th season. This season is going to be filled with lots of twists and dramas as the 16 cast members and host of the show are all ready to make their entry into the Manor. So, let us get to know when the first episode of Big Brother Canada is going to premiere on Global TV.

Big Brother Canada season 11: Contestants

This year, Big Brother Canada has invited 16 Participants to live in the villa which is located in Toronto. Participants are going to live there with strangers without any source of leisure. They will be wearing a microphone until they spend time in the villa and will be under audio and video surveillance for 24 hours.

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Fans are so excited to see how these 16 HouseGuests are going to manage to spend their time with each other with little or no privacy at all!  Here’s the curated list of all the 16 HouseGuests who are going to enter Big Brother Canada on the very first day of the show.

Big Brother Canada Season 11 Cast
Big Brother Canada Season 11 Cast (Credit: Big Brother Wiki Fandom)
  • Hope Agbolosoo: A 23-year-old skills coach from Ontario.
  • Amal Bashir: A 28-year-old superfan from Toronto
  • Claudia Campbell: A 25-year-old marketing Coordinator from Kensington.
  • Santina Carlson: A 29-year-old Aesthetician from Edmonton.
  • Shanaya Carter: A 27-Year-old Bartender from Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Daniel Clarke: A 33-year-old Graphic Designer from Toronto.
  • Jonathan Leonard: A 33-Year-Old Fisherman from Paradise
  • Roberto Lopez: A 30-year-old Gym Manager from Toronto
  • Venessa Mac Tavish: A 42-year-old Yoga instructor from Calgary
  • Terrel “Ty” McDonald: A 28-year-old personal trainer from Toronto
  • Renee Mior: A 24-year-old Law student from Vaughan
  • Kuzivakwashe “Kuzie” Mujakachi: A 29-year-old 9-1-1 Operator from Victoria, British Columbia
  • Anika Maysha: A 28-year-old Investment Advisor from Saskatoon
  • Zach Neilson: A 24-year-old Senior Vice President from Ottawa
  • John Michael Sosa: A 28-year-old Project Manager from Bradford
  • Dan Szabo: A 28-year-old DJ from Niagra Falls.

Big Brother Canada season 11: Major Changes

Since season 10, Big Brother Canada has been gaining popularity worldwide because of the 24-hour CCTV feeds that fans could watch anytime they want on the Website. However, this year, instead of live footage, Big Brother has introduced the concept of Digital Dailies in which some exclusive clips of the whole day will be made available for the fans to watch while some will be kept discreet.

Big Brother Canada season 11 Host
Big Brother Canada season 11 Host: Arisa Fox (Credit: Streets of Toronto)

When interviewed, Arisa Cox, the long-time host of the show assured fans that they are not going to compromise on fun and drama that has been a major part of the fame for the last 10 years. However, fans won’t be able to capture all the moments happening in the villa due to some privacy reasons and authorities would make sure to show all the iconic moments of Big Brother Canada that fans crave for.

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Moreover, as the murder mystery theme is already on, surely, the show is going to be full of shocks and twists. Participants will be judged on their ability to observe and detect things and as always, fans are looking forward to the extreme drama that Big Brother always provides. As some shocking revelations are yet to be made, the discussions over the internet about the latest season have been heated up. So let us get to know when Big Brother Canada is going to premiere and how you can watch it.

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Big Brother Canada season 11 Episode 1: Release Date

The first episode will introduce all the new participants to the audience. All the participants will be given instructions on the game and subsequently, all of them will enter the Big Brother Manor.

The first episode of Big Brother Canada is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, 8th March 2023, at 8.00 PM CT and 9.00 PM ET on Global TV. If you do not reside in the US or Canada, a watching guide is given below for you to follow to know when Big Brother will premiere in your region.

  • Pacific Time Zone: 08th March 2023, Wednesday, 6:00 PM
  • British Time Zone: 09th March 2023, Thursday, 2:00 AM
  • Indian Standard Time Zone: 09th March 2023, Thursday, 7:30 AM
  • Australian Time Zone: 09th March 2023, Thursday, 01:00 PM
  • Philippines Time Zone: 09th March 2023, Thursday, 10:00 AM

Big Brother Canada season 11 Episode 1: How to Watch

Big Brother Canada season 11 will air thrice a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with an approximate runtime of 1 hour. You can watch all the episodes on Global TV and the official BBCAN streaming platform. If you cannot access the website due to regional restrictions, we suggest you use Express VPN.

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Additionally, if you want to watch all the past episodes and seasons of Big Brother Canada, you can watch them on Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime. However, for the latest season, it may take some time for these streaming platforms to list the episodes on their app or website.

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