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Who Is Kelly Monaco Dating? The General Hospital Actress’ Love Interest


Want to know who Kelly Monaco is dating? Fans are lately wondering if the General Hospital actress has someone special in her life. What’s going on? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Kelly Monaco’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Kelly Monaco started making fame after winning Dancing with the Stars Season 1. Born in 1976, Kelly is now 46 years old and hails from Philadelphia. Talking about her role in the ABC soap opera General Hospital, she played Sam McCall. During her early life, Kelly got herself involved in modeling. Eventually, she became the Playmate of the Month in April 1997. 

Some of Kelly Marie Monaco’s notable works are- Welcome to Hollywood, Baywatch, Dirty Soap, Spin City, Baby Daddy, The Edge of the Garden, etc. Have you not watched Kelly portraying Livvie Locke in Port Charles? Because of her great performance in General Hospital, she successfully earned nominations for Soap Hub Awards and Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Who Is Kelly Monaco Dating?

Kelly Monaco

Coming back to Kelly Monaco’s personal life, the actress dated quite a few film stars, including Billy Miller, Heath Freeman, and a few more. But fans are curious to learn – what’s happening in her life? If you are looking for who is Kelly Monaco’s dating, here is what we know. 

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Kelly Monaco Dating: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Kelly Monaco is possibly dating no one. In other words, the General Hospital actress doesn’t seem to have anyone special in her life at the moment. Well, it’s all good as long as Kelly is happy.

She appears to be very focused, as always and is most probably working on her upcoming projects. Looking at how much busy she is, it doesn’t feel like Kelly Monaco will be getting romantically involved with anyone anytime soon. 

Knowing about Kelly Monaco’s long-time relationship, more specifically, which lasted nearly for a couple of decades, her fans have been wondering- why did she not get engaged or marry him? Before this, to the newbies, Kelly dated her high school sweetheart, Mike Gonzalez. She was junior to him. It all ended in 2009. Why? 

As we all know, Kelly Monaco is a private person. After several years, when asked, the actress opened up about her breakup. Well, it happened as she left like it was “toxic.” In addition to that, Kelly also shared that she failed to understand who Mike had become after so many years of their togetherness. On this note, Kelly said, “What upsets me the most about looking at this is like, ‘Where did that person go?’”.

Who Is Kelly Monaco Dating?

Kelly Monaco

When asked about the major reason, Kelly Monaco also told that Mike Gonzalez “killed her soul” and “betrayed her,” as well. Not to forget to mention, it’s very important to self-love. Without that, it’s impossible to love someone else.

Despite being emotionally broken, it is evident that Kelly had a lot of feelings associated with this 18-year-long romance with Mike. She was hurt. Breakups are part of life, and one needs to move on for own betterment. 

As she became famous in the film industry, Kelly Monaco got involved in a few romantic relationships. Considering she is single now, we are hopeful that she will meet the love of her life real soon. However, Kelly does not seem to be unhappy.

She is always up for delivering her best to each of us, her fans. Not to forget to mention, in recent days, Kelly has not yet spotted anyone suspicious. The same goes for her recent social media posts. Best Wishes to Kelly Monaco for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure you follow Kelly on her Instagram account for more updates. We are eagerly waiting for Kelly’s next release. 

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