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Dynasty Season 5 Episode 22 Recap: Everything That Went Down

Based on the 1980s soap opera, Dynasty is a reboot of the original series. However, various elements have been updated in this American drama, making it more interesting. Developed by Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz, and Sallie Patrick, Dynasty is about keeping up with the Carringtons as the new drama unfolds with each episode. Dynasty is true to its title as it is about luxury, business, and drama. What makes the TV series great is its diverse cast, a heavy mix of people from different ethnicities. 

In the penultimate episode of CW’s Dynasty: “More Power to Her,” everyone’s favorite Boss Girl, a.k.a. Fallon Carrington, played by Elizabeth Gilles, was embarking on an entirely new adventure and preparing for Stacy’s birth. Episode 21 of season 5, which aired on September 9, was everything viewers had been rooting for. From celebrating Fallon and Liam’s baby shower to sharing a light-hearted moment with Alexis, Dynasty had finally geared up for the last and final episode titled “Catch 22”. There is no denying that users were certain the CW series would end with a bang. 

Dynasty Season 5: Bids Adieu to The Carrington Family 

After airing for 108 episodes, the Carrington family finally bid their goodbyes to all the Dynasty stans. The finale of this drama series aired for one last time on the 16th of September before closing its doors forever. The episode “More Power to Her” was not without its drama and mysteries.

As beautiful and docile as Stacy is, she put two and two together and figured out how Adam was a threat to the entire Carrington family, claiming him to be the monster. On the other hand, Cristal could finally take a stand for herself and break the cycle of constant dismissals from Blake’s end. Whenever Blake made misogynistic comments, Cristal would not just let him walk over her. The users have appreciated this stride in her personal growth as Cristal finally lived up to the expectations of being the woman of the mansion. 

Blake himself was not without his improvements either. Even though he had difficulty trusting Colby, Blake finally kept his ego aside and apologized to Colby. Bet the users had not seen that coming. 

As for Sam breaks off things officially with Ryan as he does not see a future with him. At the same time, Fallon Carrington was on a spin to save her company Morrel Co, but unfortunately for her, things did not go as planned. 

While Dynasty had given the audience a heads-up for the finale, the constant twists and turns had left them gasping for more.  


Dynasty Season 5 Episode 22: Ending Explained

From marriages to kidnappings to felonies, CW’s Dynasty has finally come to an end after some wild 5 seasons. Even though season 5 happens to be the ultimate season of this blockbuster show, the series finale has wrapped up after a relatively significant closure. 

Dynasty season 5, episode 22, is the final episode of this drama series, and it aired last on the 16th of September 2022 at 9 p.m.  Titled Catch 22 and directed by Pascal Verschoores, the series finale starring Grant Show as Blake Carrington and Daniella Alonso as Cristal were seen arguing about the recent wave of events that took place at the PPA. It was understood that the conflict in their opinions further strained their relationship.  

Picking up from where the penultimate episode had ended, Adam was found tied up with his captor (the interim majordomo), taunting him. It was later when Graham took off his mask, revealing that Steven was back on the show for one hell of an ending. Steven’s comeback to the final episode also pleased the long-time viewers as it was something nobody had seen coming.

The long-lost sibling of the Carrington family was finally able to connect the dots and conclude that it was his monstrous brother- Adam, who had tried to take his life. However, unlike in any other typical battle, Steven convinced him to walk away from their family for good instead of killing Adam. That was the end for Adam, as he could no longer manipulate his way out of his scams. He was later seen living in London, with a different identity altogether. 

Moving on to Fallon- it was our boss girl’s dream to have her legacy for her baby, but Ellen’s conspiracy to dethrone Fallon from her own company had stalled her dreams. Even though there was no way Fallon’s company was coming back to life, her loved ones stepped in to buy her company for twice its worth to ultimately make her dreams come true. 

On the other hand, Fallon and Liam finally welcomed their beautiful baby girl- “Lauren Morrel Carrington Ridley” into the world, while Amanda couldn’t turn down the job offer her ex had for her. This was all followed by a heartwarming reunion of the entire Carrington family.

Fallon reunites with Steven

Written by Josh Reims and Garret Oakley, the episode also highlighted the changes that took place in the lives of the other characters, including Jeff and Kirby. Kirby and Amanda still had somewhat of a rocky relationship. Even though neither Kirby nor Amanda could come to a mutual understanding of what their future might look like, especially with Florence’s offer on the plate, Kirby urged Amanda to chase her dreams. The viewers particularly appreciated this move by Kirby since she showed maturity.

As for Jeff’s attempt at rebuilding his company turned out to be a total success. Dominique was seen starting her store in New York City. Of course, some things remain the same, not forgetting that Alexis also opened her store right next to Dominique. The ultimate episode of Dynasty had a lot more to offer than what the viewers could have probably imagined.

Seeing the original gang reunite in the series certainly made the grand finale a major success. It was indeed, what a sweet thing to watch. Who had thought a family as wealthy and dysfunctional as the Carrington family would make it to a sweet ending?

It would have been a great idea to pump out more storylines to continue the television show for more seasons, but the impressive ending has done justice to all the characters. Even though Steven did come back on the show for one last time- the audience would have loved to see more of him. Regardless, Steven’s comeback was enough to put him in the limelight again and end the series with what otherwise would have been an incomplete ending without him.


How To Watch Dynasty Season 5 Episode 22?

You can stop yourself from resorting to shady third-party streamers as you can watch the final episode of the season exclusively on the CW network. If you have a cable subscription, you can watch them live. YouTube TV and Hulu are just some other platforms you can watch your favorite Tv shows, including Dynasty. 

As such, Netflix users will have to wait a little longer for the final season of the drama series to stream on Netflix. Once the show finishes its run with the CW, viewers can expect to watch the same on Netflix. 

Fallon with her baby

Will There Be a Season 6?

Unfortunately, Dynasty would not return for a 6th season as it was announced in May 2022. However, in the final episode, all the loose ends were finally tied, and viewers got closure with the ending they were rooting for.

The finale of this entertainment drama series ensures that all characters get the ending they deserve. 

What did you think of this American reality show’s finale?

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