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Why Did Reggie and Kim Break Up? Everything That Went Down

Last Updated on October 7, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Kim, 29, was urging Reggie, 25, to propose, but Reggie, 25, was not ready for marriage. Reggie, therefore, “wasn’t feeling it anymore” After Khloe Kardashian, Kim’s younger sister, beat her to the altar and Kourtney Kardashian gave birth, Kim felt more pressure to wed. These two items were very important to Kim.

Reggie adores Kim, but he knows she is not like that. Although he thinks she is amazing and admires her passion and ambition, he knows that she is not the proper type of woman for him to marry. Kim Kardashian West dated several well-known men before getting into a relationship with Kanye West, including NFL player Reggie Bush. Many people were confident that the couple, who began dating in the middle of the 2000s, would eventually get married and have a happily ever after.

Kim Kardashian may have found her true love before Kimye’s highs and lows, before her marriage to Kris Humphries was even a glimmer in a TV executive’s eye. At least, that’s what a few of my most ardent TikTok followers and I believe. Kim Kardashian has managed to go from “a girl with no talent” to a millionaire CEO and worldwide phenomenon who has irrevocably altered the face of media thanks to her preternatural financial acumen and a keen awareness of the intricacies of fame.

However, the reality star may have lost one of her greatest and most genuine relationships because she chose to put her career before her love life in the early years of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and the couple broke up after a brief dating period. Kim Kardashian West & Reggie Bush dated for 3 years before parting ways and finding love with other people.

The beginning of the relationship between Reggie and Kim

The beginning of Kardashian and Bush’s romance may be found during the 2007 ESPY Awards, where they first met thanks to a mutual friend’s introduction. Soon after that interaction, the couple began dating, even promoting their developing relationship on Kardashian’s popular E! series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kardashian, one of the most well-known socialites in the business, and Bush, a star running back for the New Orleans Saints, quickly rose to the top of the list of Hollywood’s hottest couples.

They seemed like a coupling made in heaven to the viewers. Finding time to spend together, however, became more difficult as the couple’s reputation increased, and as a result, their relationship suffered. Even though Paris was the quintessential socialite of the early 2000s, her heiress status continued to support her claim to all of that attention. Kim, on the other hand, didn’t have much going for her but a modest amount of family fortune and an unfavorable connection to O.J. Simpson.

She has always been utterly unafraid to pursue fame worldwide; her confident shamelessness feels both universal and completely unique. Kim was the first to propose that celebrity doesn’t have to be anchored on any obvious talents during the start of the influencer era. You can always get an A-list star with the right lover, the perfect brand deal, or a particularly scandalous selfie.

The couple split up for the first time in 2009, stating their desire to concentrate on their individual jobs due to the rigors of Reggie’s football obligations and Kim’s continuous exponential success. Before breaking up once more in 2010, they had a brief reconciliation. But after Kim’s divorce from Humphries in 2012, their paths would briefly cross once more, with Bush apparently intervening and “comforting” her. Nevertheless, they parted ways once more, this time permanently, and each later wed their new love.

The Breakup phase

When the pair first split up, a source said they were both “extremely upset,” but they also “love each other a lot & hope someday they can make it work,” adding that they “hope someday they could make it work.” It appears that their ability to spend some time together because of their busy lives was a significant contributing factor in their breakup. However, a person who spoke to Us Weekly claimed that what eventually pushed them apart was the Selfish author’s surging reputation. She has built brands and travels the globe. He cannot keep up, “they claimed.

In a clip that was released after their breakup, Kim makes the same claim and says she is willing to sacrifice anything for Reggie. Kim sobs to her mother during a photo shoot and says that all she wants is “to cry continuously. I feel as though everything is over.” She continues, “My career doesn’t interest me anymore. I believe it has damaged my relationship.

Reggie also appeared to support similar assumptions in 2014 “All this [public attention] started when I began dating my ex [Kim]. But, as we’ve mentioned before, everything occurs for a purpose, so it’s just part of the terrain. Then everything else appeared. The negative aspects include gossip publications and other materials. However, I wouldn’t alter a thing because it made me into the man I am today and made me a better person.

Reggie also spoke highly of his ex-girlfriend Kim and her many accomplishments four years later, telling Us Weekly that even though they “don’t keep in touch,” he is still inspired by the life she has created for herself. She’s doing a fantastic job building a brand for herself, herself and her family. I’m glad for them. She is quite intelligent, he said. Since their divorce, Kim has avoided discussing their relationship in the media.

And it’s obvious that their relationship is over because Bush married Lilit Avagyan, the mother of his child, in the same year Kim wedded her now ex-husband Kanye West. Since then, the couple has been married and has three kids together. However, when looking at Mrs. Bush’s Instagram account, you can’t help but notice how much Kim looks like her.

It’s not just Lilit’s physical appearance and Armenian background that makes her stand out; it’s also her business drive and the way she places her health, her family, and her spouse at the forefront of everything she does. It’s simple to picture Kim reading through her and Reggie’s social media pages and experiencing the strange sensation of being Gweneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors, observing how an alternative version of her life may have transpired.

Maybe it’s the possibility of “what if” that makes me emotional about this specific relationship. Kim and Reggie’s narrative frequently reminds me of a Robert Frost-like allegory of the roads not taken in the shape of relationships left unfulfilled because I, too, have always been a woman who put her profession and personal achievement before romance. It appears to be proof of the proverb that states that women can’t have it all.

Conflicting schedules between Kardashian and Bush remained a problem in their relationship.

In 2009, Kardashian and Bush split up after two years of dating. The two were reportedly focused on their professions at the time and agreed it would be best to spend time as free agents. An insider who spoke to E! News said, “They love each other dearly and hope eventually they can make it work.” They need this time apart, but for now, he begins his football season this week while Kim begins filming season 4 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Another source tells PEOPLE, “They were the cutest pair. “Despite how much they loved one another, they hardly ever saw one another. As he begins his football training camp, she begins shooting Keeping Up with the Kardashian this week. They require a respite at this time.

The pair eventually made amends but officially ended their relationship in 2010. Bush and Kardashian’s breakup is reportedly the result of their hectic schedules, albeit the specific reason for their breakup is still unknown. It was claimed that Bush could no longer manage to handle Kardashian’s rising prominence.

The reality star’s agent confirms to PEOPLE that she and her partner from two years, running back Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, are splitting up. The couple, who recently discussed “moving” toward marriage after returning from a charitable trip to Africa with Khloe Kardashian, suffered from their time apart, according to sources who spoke to PEOPLE, and another separation is expected this upcoming NFL season.

The insider said that “they never get to meet each other, ever.” It has taken a while to happen. Reggie spends six months of the year in New Orleans, so it’s difficult, but they still like one another and are a part of each other’s life.

Bush and Kardashian—do they still communicate?

Despite temporarily reuniting in 2012 before beginning romances with their significant others, Bush said in 2018 that both he and Kardashian “don’t keep in touch” any longer. Bush still had complimentary words to say about the KKW Beauty magnate, even if he was no longer in contact with his ex-girlfriend.

He told the source, “She’s done a tremendous job building a brand for herself, her, and her family.” “I’m glad for them… She is highly intelligent. Kardashian West hasn’t talked about her ex in a while, but it’s likely that she has kind things to say regarding him & their relationship.

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