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Beautiful Anime Girls In 2022 That You’ll Fall In Love With

Beautiful Anime Girls in 2022
Beautiful Anime Girls

Beautiful Anime Girls differs from the anime they are from and have important roles. Some animes have beautiful girls only, which shows that the anime world is improving since it also includes females as the main characters. These beautiful anime girls are from different best animes that we all know. We will focus on beautiful anime girls from the animes that are ongoing or upcoming in 2022. Beautiful anime girls play an important part in anime and make anime entertaining. For example, we have animes like One Piece where we see beautiful girls like Nami, Robin, and many more.

Those girls make popular animes interesting due to their roles and how they coexist with other characters. Watching characters like Sanji getting attracted to the beautiful anime girls is fun. Without beautiful anime girls, most animes would be boring. The list of these beautiful anime girls will introduce you to the girls you never knew. Most males want to watch beautiful girls in every anime since it is their nature. Even though those girls are beautiful, they are also strong and have goals to achieve. Watching anime with a beautiful main character, a girl, is interesting.

Those who watch romance anime will know what we are talking about since most beautiful girls are found in comedy, romance, and ecchi animes. However, other animes also have beautiful girls that are fun to watch. Those who have forgotten about shows with beautiful anime girls will learn a lot from this post. The list that we will discuss below will introduce many fans to new upcoming anime that are TDA in 2022. You will also get to know new beautiful anime girls, and we will also remind you about the anime that are returning. Let’s find out who are beautiful anime girls in 2022 below.

One Piece: Nami

We decided to first look at the ongoing animes in 2022, and this is one of them. But we will also cover a few of them since we want you to learn new things. Nami is a tall, slender beautiful girl with orange hair. She is one of the most beautiful girls in this anime. She is also a strong warrior after joining the pirate crew. Beautiful pirate girls like Nami are rare in most popular anime like this one. Most of us know how beautiful Nami is even when wearing different outfits.

Beautiful Anime Girls in 2022


Date A Live IV: Tohka Yatogami

Tohka Yatogami is the beautiful main female character of the Date A Live series. She is the first spirit saved by Shido. Tohka has other personalities that possess her when she assumes her Inverse Form. She is the cutest girl in this anime, and Tohka has long purple-like hair. She is one of the beautiful anime girls in 2o22. This anime is left with a single episode to conclude, and you can still see how beautiful Tohka is. Tohka has purple-like eyes and a cute face that is always smiling. She is an interesting anime character to watch, and she cares about everyone since she doesn’t bear hatred in her heart.

Beautiful Anime Girls in 2022

Tohka Yatogami

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Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie: Shikimori

Shikimori is another beautiful girl that you can count on the list of beautiful girls. She is Izumi’s girlfriend, and she is popular in her school due to her appearance and how she introduces herself to people around her. Shikimori has a kind heart and loves to see her friends happy, especially her boyfriend, Izumi. Shikimori has medium pink hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is always there for Izumi whenever he is in trouble, and she is one of the rare beautiful, loving anime girls.

Beautiful Anime Girls in 2022


Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic: Ai Hayasaka

We know that there are more beautiful girls than Ai in this anime. But we choose her because she is closer to Kaguya. Ai is a beautiful average girl with blond hair and blue eyes. She serves Kaguya wholeheartedly and always loves to see Kaguya and other students succeed. Ai has soft skin that makes her more beautiful, and knows how to dress. She is one of the beautiful girls who should check out in 2022. Even though the anime is left with a single episode, one can check it out and see other beautiful girls like Ai.


Ai Hayasaka

In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki: Tsubaki

This one is interesting since Tsubaki is a beautiful female Ninja. It is unusual to find a beautiful female Ninja-like Tsubaki. We chose her because there are few anime with beautiful Ninja girls that one can watch in 2022. Tsubaki is a reliable female Ninja, and her team trusts her. She is an average-height girl with long brown hair. Tsubaki has a cute face, and red marks appear on her cheeks when she is happy or smiling. She is from one of the animes that have ended, and she is fun to watch since she is the leader of beautiful female Ninjas like her.



A Couple of Cuckoos: Amano Erika

Erika is the main character of this anime and the most beautiful girl that stole many boys’ hearts. She still has a few episodes left to show us more of her beauty since this anime is far from ending. Erika has long brown hair, and she loves to tie them with a ribbon; you can see her true beauty when wearing different outfits. She is one of the beautiful students enrolled in a prestigious academy and was the center of attraction everyone admired. Looking at Erika’s picture below, we make one realizes that she is no joke.

Amano Erika

Amano Erika

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Season 2: Ai Miyashata

Ai Mishayata is returning on screens revealing her true beauty. In the first season of this anime, she was beautiful, but not more than this season since she has grown into an attractive girl, making this anime one of the best anime with beautiful girls like Ai. Ai is a beautiful slender girl with long blond hair and soft pale skin. She is fun to watch and always shows her beautiful eyes. This is an ongoing anime; you can still watch Ai and other girls like her.

Ai Miyashata

Ai Miyashata

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (2020): Maam

This anime is still ongoing, and you can still watch a beautiful girl Maam in action. Maam is here and the strongest lady in this anime. Other men admire her, and Pop has a crush on her. Maam has short pink hair and brown eyes. She loves wearing the same outfit that she uses during battles. It is rare to find a beautiful female hero who is strong as her. We choose Maam since she is one of the girls that are hard to find in anime like this. She is a loving character who cares about the hero party and has helped them in various battles.



Maam is interesting to watch, but it is painful to see a villain smashing a beautiful girl like Maam. She has a kind personality and showers everyone with love. But there are girls like Leona who are beautiful as she, and Maam is exceptional. She is one of the girls that will always make you want to watch her. Maam is one of the girls who need no make-up to be beautiful.

Heroines Run the Show: Suzumi

It is interesting to learn about a beautiful girl who sometimes wears glasses like Suzumi. She is a student teenager who is shy and always happy. Suzumi has short black hair and brown eyes. She is a hardworking student who cares about her classmate and always wants to succeed. Suzumi is a girl who left her village and arrived at Tokyo’s school for the first time, but she managed to settle with other girls like her. However, this was the last beautiful girl you wanted to watch in 2022.

Beautiful Anime Girls in 2022


There are beautiful girls or other monsters that we didn’t talk about since we were focusing on normal humans who made many anime popular. It is also fun to watch different types of beautiful girls in anime, and those are the girls that one can watch in 2022. However, we decided to spice things up by introducing you to the beautiful girls that most of you are unfamiliar with since we can not talk about the same beautiful girls over and over. But most beautiful girls are found in school animes.

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