Texas Chainsaw Massacre True Story: The Real Person Behind it

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre True Story

Fans of Leatherface are reflecting on the 1974-starting series as the newest Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie starring Elsie Fisher launched on Netflix in February 2022. This Texas Chainsaw Massacre is essentially fictitious, which is wonderful news. 

The unfortunate thing is that a real-life killer is unquestionably the inspiration for the film. You already know the story of a bunch of buddies who are preyed upon by a clan of cannibals, mostly in the midst of nowhere if you’ve watched the movie. Leatherface, a prominent figure of the cannibalistic family, kills his prey using a chainsaw.

The fact that the original movie begins with a teaser that mimics a documentary or media broadcast and presents it as though it were a true narrative is one of its coolest aspects. The vivid reporting of the 1973 arrest of serial murderer Elmer Wayne Henley in the news and the broadcast reporting of the Vietnam War served as inspiration for director Tobe Hooper. What, therefore, is the truth?

Does The Leatherface Shown In The Movie Really Exist?

There is a scene in the movie where one of the protagonists stumbles into a cabin that is filled with objects made of human skin and bones. This scene was undoubtedly inspired by Ed Gein- a real-life serial killer, also known as Butcher of Plainfield, who used to make ornaments and trophies made of dead people.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre True Story
The Leatherface

True Story Behind The “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

After Gein’s mother, Augusta, died, Gein turned his house into more of a shrine for her memory. He kept the room she used in pristine condition while he moved to another room along with his stuff. Ed started living alone, far from the town, spending his time learning the Nazi medical experiments and human anatomy and reading horror novels. He even started indulging in his crimes before anyone could realize it.

The narrative of serial murderer Ed Gein, whose atrocities shook a nation in the 1950s. He was the main inspiration for the events in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Ed also called the “Plainfield Ghoul,” had a history of dressing in women’s clothing and dismembering corpses, showing clear similarities to the finished Leatherface.

Gein allegedly confessed to the murder of at least two women. He retrieved bodies from nearby cemeteries and made ornaments and trophies out of their skin and bones. Gein wanted to build a bodysuit to bring back his deceased mother, with whom he had been fascinated for years, as he later told authorities.

Gein got indicted in 1968 for the murder of Bernice Worden- a hardware shopkeeper. Soon after he was convicted, he got hospitalized due to mental illness. The Police, while searching through his house, found a variety of terrifying skin-based objects, which included masks made of human skin.

What All Was Found In Ed Gein’s House?

The first thing that the investigators found as soon as they stepped into the house was Bernice Worden. She was found dead, hanged from the ceiling by her ankles. Numerous skeletons, whole and broken, skulls hooked on his bed posts, bowls fashioned of skulls, and cooking equipment was also present. However, Ed’s domestic objects created from human skin were even worse than the skulls.

The Investigators found various objects made of human skin, like, a wastebasket, leggings, masks made from faces, a belt that was made of nipples, a corset built from a woman’s torso, a shade built from a human face, and a set of lips used as the cord for a window shade.

Police also discovered a number of other dismembered body parts, such as claws, four noses, as well as the genitalia of nine different women, in addition to the skin products. Additionally, they discovered Mary Hogan’s remains, a tavern owner who had vanished in 1954.

Ed Gein readily acknowledged that he had gathered the majority of the fragments from three nearby cemeteries, which he had begun to frequent two years after Augusta’s passing. He admitted to going to the cemeteries in a trance, searching for remains that he believed to be his mother.

How Many People Were Killed By Ed Gein?

He mostly only admitted to killing Worden and Hogan before he passed away in 1984 at the age of 77. He claimed he had robbed the graves of the other dead, up to 40 of which were discovered in his home by Police.

Therefore, it’s possible that we’ll never learn how many people the “Butcher of Plainfield” killed. Ed Gein, though, is undoubtedly one of history’s most horrifying serial killers.

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