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Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth

Want to know what Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth was? Yes, we are talking about the renowned businessman who recently passed away, leaving everyone in shock. He was then just 67 years old, and it’s still not acceptable. What happened to him? At that time, his fans also showed their curiosity in learning about Michael Armand Hammer’s monetary accumulation. Before getting into further details, let’s look at how prominent Michael was in the business world. 

Starting from the basics, Michael Armand Hammer belonged to a business family. His grandfather, Armand Hammer, was also an industrialist. Michael was born on 8 September 1955 in Los Angeles, California, United States. 

He was majorly known for his association with Occidental Petroleum, Hammer International Foundation, and other business organizations, as well.  Heard about the Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma? Michael Armand Hammer served on both the Investment Committee and Board of Reference for the same. He was very much inclined towards art. Thus, he also owned the art dealership company, Knoedler, until 2011. 

Michael Armand Hammer was undoubtedly quite successful in his professional career. But, his personal life was previously not that much happening. His first marriage with Dru Ann Mobley legally ended after 27 years. That was very much upsetting for him. Thereafter, the businessman married again and appeared to find his true life partner. Her name is Misty Millward.

Coming back to Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth, he was believed to have made quite a massive amount. How? The credit surely goes to his immense hard work. But he inherited his family business as well. His major investments earned him an extravagant income. If you are looking for Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth at the time of his death, here are the details.

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Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Talking about his monetary accumulations, Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth at the time of his death was estimated to be a whopping $1.5 million. It is very much evident that Michael earned a major income from being a successful businessman. 

Michael Armand Hammer's Net Worth

Michael Armand Hammer

In the initial days of his career, Michael Armand Hammer worked in an investment banking firm located in New York City. As mentioned already about his grandfather’s company, Occidental Petroleum, he moved the headquarter to Los Angeles and later served as the Vice President of the same. That earned the businessman quite a hefty amount. With that huge earnings, Michael invested a good part in several real estate properties and also luxurious cars. We are yet to update Michael’s list of cars. 

Armand Hammer died back in 1990, leaving a net worth of $180 million. But, when investigated, the Hammer family was left with just $40 million. He kept his son, Julian, and step-granddaughter, Jan, out of his will. So, ultimately, things went to none other than Michael Armand Hammer. 

Talking about Michael Armand Hammer’s Net Worth, it also calls for discussion of his son’s recognition and monetary earnings. We are talking about Armie Hammer, who used to be the actor. But, his earnings have come down because of various legal issues, and a decline in his popularity. 

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Cause Of Death

It was on 20 November 2022 when Michael Armand Hammer passed away. It’s been a few days since he died, and people close to him or who know him are still mourning the loss. However, not everyone knows the cause. Michael was suffering from cancer which ultimately took away his life at the age of 67. 

Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth

Michael Armand Hammer

May Michael Armand Hammer’s soul rests in peace. Sending condolences to the family of this businessman. He will be missed! 

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