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The Summer I Turned Pretty Ending Explained: What Happens With Belly & Conrad?

The Summer I Turned Pretty end
The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty comes to a close with the much-anticipated debutante ball, which promises to be full of drama and sorrow. Summers are the yardstick by which Belly assesses her life. Between the months of June and August, everything good and amazing happens. In this article, we will look at the ending of The Summer I Turned Pretty. The ending is full of love and emotions.

Belly’s summer story comes to an emotional finish in episode seven, “Summer Love,” in which emotions are high, and she eventually determines to who her heart belongs.

The show’s first season introduces us to the characters, giving us a general feel of their relationship and where they are in regard to one another. It deviates significantly from the source material and introduces a slew of new characters and plot devices in order to create a swoon-worthy movie.

The Summer I Turned Pretty recap

The Summer I Turned Pretty poster (2022)

So, without further ado, let us see about the ending of The Summer I Turned Pretty. Continue to read!

The Summer I Turned Pretty Recap

Belly has known Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher since they were children. Belly, her mother, Laurel, and her elder brother, Steven, have spent every summer at the Fishers’ beach house in Cousins Beach for the past 15 years since their mothers are best friends. That night, Belly sneaks away and joins the other teens at a campfire party.

Conrad has changed, she discovers. He is not as nice as he generally is. This hurts her. Belly decides to move on after a long period of pining for him. However, she gets closer to Jeremiah. She kisses Jeremiah after he finally confesses his feelings for her. While she adores Jeremiah and considers him to be her best friend.

Susannah advises that Belly attend the debutante ball this summer, so the two starts shopping together. Jeremiah and Steven have begun their new positions. While Belly adjusts to the changes, her mother, Laurel, works on her new manuscript and meets a writer with whom she strikes up a friendship. Belly’s brother Steven falls in love with a wealthy woman named Shayla, but a brief liaison with Belly’s closest friend Taylor gets him into problems.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty

After the ball, Laurel becomes distraught and walks away, trailed by her ex-husband John. They discuss Susannah’s declining health, which is having a significant impact on all of them.

Then we see Belly’s sweet sixteen, as the gang gives the birthday girl presents. Conrad lies and says he forgot to get Belly a present since he is still bitter from last night. However, after the bustle of her birthday celebration, Belly discovers Conrad’s present in his drawer: a lovely necklace.

Susannah, who has cancer, strives to make everyone’s last summer flawless, but her husband’s deteriorating relationship threatens to thwart everything. Everyone is devastated when they learn about her illness. Belly discovers she’s been concentrating on the wrong things the whole time. Jeremiah and Conrad are both fighting for her attention.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Ending

The Belly is shattered. When she discovers Susannah’s condition, she is discouraged. She sobs uncontrollably. Laurel sobs, as does Steven, as the entire family fears the worst. Susannah is open and honest with her sons. Belly later realizes why Conrad had been behaving aloof all summer after learning about her condition. She feels sorry for him, but when she realizes he needs someone to talk to about his unhappiness, she makes it clear that she is not that person. Conrad’s anguish was consuming him from the inside out. But he, too, desired to be with Belly.

He is now so sure to open up and be with her. Belly, too, advances when he agrees to everything. Finally, they exchange their first kiss, and the summer comes to an end. From the start of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ it is evident that Belly will always choose Conrad. Belly seemed to have decided to stay with her first love rather than Jeremiah in the end.

Therefore, this was all about the ending of The Summer I Turned Pretty. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming seasons and more.

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