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Mary J. Blige‘s Divorce and The Messy Aftermath

Mary J. Blige’s Divorce
Mary J Blige Credit: Grammy's

Want to know about Mary J. Blige’s Divorce? The soul of Hip Hop, Mary J Blige, made a huge name for herself in the music industry as a successful songwriter and an actress as well. Blige has won as many as nine Emmy Awards and is also an Academy Award nominee for her supporting role in Mudbound.

Mary J Blige also bagged another nomination for her original song, Mighty River, which made her the first person to be nominated for both acting and songwriting in the same year. Mary J Blige’s personal life has also grabbed considerable media attention over the years, which also included a messy divorce. Let us find out all about Mary J. Blige’s Divorce.

Mary J. Blige’s Divorce: Here’s What We Know

Mary J Blige and producer Kendu Isaacs’ got married in 2003. However, their long marital journey came to an end after 12 long years. The divorce was filed in 2016 and was followed by a messy aftermath that went on for years. Finally, the divorce settlement was done, but it surely was a difficult road for the musical icon. 

Mary J. Blige’s Divorce

All about Mary J. Blige’s Divorce

The Hip-Hop star later revealed that her track Rent money is about when she first got divorced and was compelled to give up all this alimony, and admitted how she did not have any more money to give because her former husband had spent it all. Blige further revealed how she had to go on tour to make money to pay for the alimony.

The multi-Oscar nominee admitted that her finances were so stretched that she did not even have enough monetary resources to pay for housing while explaining that the track name is a metaphor as she didn’t even have her soul and was feeling drained.

The songstress also went on to claim that her former husband spent almost $420,000 during their marriage on “travel charges,” and these charges included a woman with whom Isaac was allegedly having an affair.

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Who is Kendu Isaac?

Kendu Isaac made a name for himself as a celebrity manager and record producer. Despite marrying the iconic star Mary J Blige, Kendu has managed to remain out of the spotlight and has kept his life low profile.

In 2017, their divorce became messier after Mary Blige was ordered to pay $30,000 in alimony. Issacs further stated that he had to be hospitalized as he struggled through stress and emotional distress from the divorce.

Blige’s former manager has, on the other fact, claimed that the producer became unemployable and needed money even to pay rent and would have become destitute. However, the songstress also had to go through a rough patch during the separation. 

Mary J. Blige’s Divorce

What happened in Mary J. Blige’s Divorce?

Mary J Blige and Kendu Isaacs: Here’s What We Know

Mary J Blige and Isaacs’ legal battle soon grabbed huge media attention as it took a messy turn for years. While the music producer initially asked the court for nearly $130,000 a month in spousal support, the settlement was final after the judge granted him $30,000 a month to pay, and the amount was more than what the songstress wanted to give him.

Not only that, but the judge reportedly ordered Mary to give retroactive spousal support payments dating back to when she first filed for divorce, along with the attorney fees, which came to a huge amount of $235,000.

Blige later made some shocking revelations saying how her former husband was using a Mercedes that Mary pre-paid the lease on, and later Isaac refused to turn over possession of her Grammys along with her other achievement awards. The “I’m Goin’ Down hitmaker further added that there was a time when she was the only breadwinner and was burdened with heavy debts, which were reportedly a whopping $10 million.

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