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Net Worth

Nicolas Cage Net Worth

Nicolas Cage’s net worth
Nicolas Cage

What is Nicolas Cage’s net worth? Iconic actor and movie producer Nicolas Cage is no stranger to the acting industry! From playing the role of Ghost Rider to being the recipient of several notable awards, the actor continues to make a mark for himself in Hollywood. The actor has, time and again, experimented with various roles that were all applauded for their range and versatility.

Nicolas Cage recently made headlines after a specific scene from the movie The Unbearable Wright of Massive Talent went viral. As Cage stars alongside actor Pedro Pascal, a car scene has become a viral meme that is trending on social media. Let us find out all about Nicolas Cage’s net worth.

What is Nicolas Cage’s Net Worth?

Nicolas Cage’s net worth is estimated to be something around $170 million. Nicolas Cage will soon star in the upcoming horror thriller titled LongLegs. He will star alongside other notable actors, including Alicia Witt & Blair Underwood, and Maika Monroe.

Nicolas Cage’s net worth

What is Nicolas Cage’s net worth?

The movie revolves around FBI agent Lee Harker played by Monroe, who will set out to investigate the case of a notorious serial killer, played by Nicolas Cage. However, the action is set in motion after Harker divorcees a personal connection to the killer.

Other than this upcoming project, Cage and Nicolas Hoult starrer comedy flick Renfield will soon get its world premiere by the end of March. Nicolas Cage recently opened up about Tim Burton’s canceled movie in which he was supposed to star.

Cage explained how he was the one who approached the director while further adding how he wanted Renny Harlin to do the movie, and he sat down with Renny as he came down to the trailer, and they discussed it. The actor stated how he thought of Tim Burton for the movie.

However, the movie never happened as the actor believes Warner Bros. was scared after the movie Mars Attacks lost so much money, and ultimately might have gotten cold feet and did not go ahead with Superman Lives.

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Is Nicolas Cage Married?

Nicolas Cage is married to Riko Shibata. The two are proud parents of a baby girl named August Francesca. While this is Cage’s fifth marriage, the actor stated that he is aware of the fact that five is a lot, but he thinks he got it right this time.

Cage earlier revealed that some mutual friend played Cupid for the pair and introduced the two when the actor was in Japan, where he was filming his 2021 movie Prisoners of the Ghostland.

Nicolas Cage’s net worth

Nicolas Cage

As the two started dating, sparks flew, and Nicolas Cage and Riko were soon engaged via FaceTime! This was followed by a unique diamond ring that the actor mailed to Japan after popping the question. The two had an intimate wedding as Cage’s ex-wife Alice Kim was also in attendance.

After their hush-hush wedding, Cage and Riko made their red carpet debut after the marriage at the premiere of Cage’s film Pig in July 2021. The two have similar interests as they both have a shared love for pets.

Is Nicolas Cage Going To Be In A MCU Movie?

The actor opened up about his involvement in the Marvel Universe while accepting an award at the Miami Film Festival, and the prolific actor stated that he does not need to be in the MCU as he is Nic Cage! The actor also talked about the superhero connection to the adopted stage name while admitting that he has been too nice about Marvel movies.

Cage further pointed out that he is not being able to grasp the concerns about Marvel Cinematic Universe’s dominance over the industry while explaining that he believes that is room for everyone and he sees all kinds of artistic and independently driven movies and thus believes that there is plenty of room for everybody in Hollywood.

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