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The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 Review: The Show Could Not Get More Boring And Dull

Dating show

An American reality show isolates its participants from the world so that they can focus on finding their one true love. This is more or less the premise of probably the oldest-running dating show, The Bachelor. Aired in 2002, the show continues to premier and recently launched its twenty-seventh season. 

The show, created by Mike Fleiss, has been successful enough to air for the past twenty-one years and establish its franchise. The show has branched into various versions of the original concept along with spinoffs and has also been adapted for international copies of the original version.

Every new season of The Bachelor introduces a single man who gets to meet and date several women over different episodes to finally decide who among the pool of beautiful women will be his wife. The show released its twenty-seventh season on January 23rd, 2023, with Jesse Palmer, the contestant from season five, as its host. 

This time the show has brought a fine-looking wealthy sales executive from California named Zach Shallcross as the Bachelor. Alongside him, the show also introduced thirty gorgeous women for Zach to choose his potential wife. The Bachelor released its recent episode on March 6th, 2023.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 Storyline

The Bachelor is a show that has quite a large group of beautiful women fighting each other for one man’s affection and love. Sounds like every man’s dream. Throughout the episodes of every season, the man not only gets time to get to know each woman to make a proper decision, but he also eliminates those women he thinks are not worthy of being his wife. What a way to put a man on a pedestal.

The Bachelor

A still from the show, The Bachelor (Credits: ABC)

To ensure the participants get to know each other, the show sets the mood right by taking them to beautiful foreign locations and setting up dream dates for the female participants. Episode seven of The Bachelor takes Zach Shallcross and the seven remaining women to Budapest, Hungary, for their romantic getaway. It looks like both Zach and the girls feel very confident in their relationship with each other.

The episode kicks off with Zach meeting up with the host, Jesse Palmer, and the latter reveals that Greer Blitzer, who was away in last week’s episode, is back in the game and ready to meet Zach. Zach, on the other hand, confesses that he does not feel very sure if the spark the two had would still be there or not. Poor Greer.

Zach continuously claims that he can feel his future wife being somewhere in the group of women, but we are not too sure about that. The first date of the episode begins with Zach and his ultimate favorite, Kaity Bigaar. The two share a romantic date with the perfect city view and dinner at an old bathhouse. The two seem to share something really special, clearly blushing when around each other.

The other women back at their hotel do not feel so good about the date, obviously. The clock is ticking, and anxiety and nervousness are at an all-time high. We move on to the next date, which happens to be a group date, and Zach chooses Kat, Ariel, Charity, and Gabi for it.

The group date takes place in the presence of an apparent mindreader, Labib Malik, who asks the girls questions about their intentions and makes some pretty impactful revelations about each of them. Zach tries his best to give equal attention to the girls and tries to get to know them and their insecurities.

The date ends with an intense makeout session between Kat and Zach because that is what you do when someone is being vulnerable in front of you. When the group date ends, Zach seems to have already made up his mind and gives Gabi the rose. The other girls, especially Kat, try to be cool about it, but who are they fooling?

The Bachelor

Cast for season 27 of the show, The Bachelor (Credits: ABC)

The last one-on-one date occurs between Brooklyn, the only one who did not go on the group date, and Zach. The two could not have done more touristy things on their date together but oh well. Brooklyn made one confession of not being sure about introducing Zach to her family but still seeing a future with him, and that turned Zach off so much that he sent her home.

Before their date, he had also sent Greer home even though the woman had literally just stepped into the city. The women are at the edge of their seats, but they do not have to wait long as Zach decides to take Kat home. The episode ends with three women sent home, and the other four left to do their best to impress Lord Zach Shallcross.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 Review

What started off as a new and never-before-seen show has now been run into the ground and is boring. The Bachelor has been running on television for over twenty years, and it is becoming painfully obvious that the show is failing to keep up. It is exhausting to see variations of straight white men meet up with variations of straight white, typically blond women and pretend to fall in love with each other. That is what Tinder is for.

It also kills to watch people, apparently all very successful in their personal lives, lack basic knowledge about the outside world. It is unknown if being dumb is a qualification the show’s makers deliberately look for.

Another thing that may make you uncomfortable is the show’s obsession with virginity or the lack of it. The show has, during different times, reinforced toxic gender roles and stereotypes and has taken it upon itself to keep the patriarchy going.

Having said that, it feels that this particular season of the show wishes to be different and nicer to the women. Our Bachelor, the one and only Zach Shallcross, is a no-drama and bitch-fights man. If he finds anything remotely uncomfortable or off about the women he meets up with, he just sends them home. He is calm, makes unfunny jokes, and tries to seem interested in the girls.  

The Bachelor

Zach and Katie together in the show, The Bachelor (Credits: ABC)

Because of the show’s previous tactics of keeping a lot of drama and meanness within each episode, this season definitely plays with the viewers’ emotions. We think the girls will get into a fight at some point or the other throughout the episode, we wait for a catfight to come, but it never does, and we do not know what to do with this. The show seems to have matured and learned from its past mistakes.

Either way, Zach has managed to keep the show pretty drama-free. He is a romantic man genuinely trying to find love, and it is nice for a change. The show has got us addicted to the drama, and now it wants to change its ways. Seems suspicious, but we will take it. Zach, as the main guy, is just not charming enough to command the viewers’ attention.

Our Verdict

Sure, the show feels mature, and he seems like a ‘nice guy,’ but that about sums up his personality. A hint of an issue in a contestant’s life, and he immediately shows them the door. There is no room for conflict, and one is left to question, does he not want petty drama, or is he too immature for confrontation?

He seems to want a partner with zero-emotional baggage or problems. Who is going to tell him that that is not a thing anymore? Sure, he is not a walking red flag, but he also barely has a personality of a wet peanut. The women on the show are desperate for him, even though they barely know him, but that is the story of every The Bachelor season. 

This show season feels like it is more about romance and love-finding and less about the girls clawing their way into the man’s heart, and fans do not know what to do with this information. It has made the show both healthy and boring. Zach, with his good-guy ways, may be boring, but he still makes us want to root for him and see who he ends up with. 

He is clearing his path to get an easy, scandal-free way out of the show, and it is making the show even more generic and dull than it already was, not that it will stop us from watching future episodes.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3/5)

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