What Does OP Mean On Tiktok? The Trending Social Media Acronym Explained

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What Does OP Mean On Tiktok
OP Meaning On Tiktok (Credit: TikTok)

What’s the meaning of OP on Tiktok? It’s not always possible to keep track of the meaning of every new acronym. No matter how much regular you are on social media. Isn’t it so? Well, OP is not just limited to TikTok but also on other platforms, including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

You must have seen OP in the comment section. Not only that, but you will also see OP in the videos where a person performs a duet, referring to the original one. Okay, what does that mean? We shall get to that later. In brief, we may say that OP is often used to appreciate one’s post that made it on the platform initially. 

There is one positive side of using OP on TikTok. What is it? One can enlarge the audience ground for the one who made the post first by adding the OP hashtag. Well, this acronym isn’t just limited to captions but also can be used during a conversation. That’s quite a usual one, though. 

Knowing this, you must be wondering- what does OP stand for? You must be curious. Right? What are its other meanings? Well, if you are looking for what OP means, here is what we know. 

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OP Meaning On Tiktok Explained 

On Tiktok, OP stands for “Original Poster.” What does this mean? In this context, people use OP to refer to the person who made a post initially before everyone else.

What Does OP Mean On Tiktok
OP refers to the Original Poster on Tiktok (Credit: Business Insider)

How does reposting work on social media? Well, in case you loved a certain thing and feel like sharing it with your friends, you end up reposting the same. Here, the credit should go to the person who made the original post. That’s who we refer to as OP. Not to forget to mention that OP isn’t just limited to a public post but also the one who starts a conversation thread. 

You might have one question in mind. Why would people use OP instead of appreciating the person by calling out his or her name? Well, what if the name isn’t known? You have your answer now. Want a better example for learning about the usage of OP on Tiktok? Here is one that comes up with a conversation sample. 

Selena: Wow! That’s an amazing DIY. 

Jennifer: Yes. We should appreciate how the OP made it. 

In the above example, both of them are unaware of the person who made the DIY. Therefore, Jennifer suggested to her friend, Selena, about appreciating the person whom they addressed as OP. Now, did you get a better clarification? Yes! Well, this is the primary meaning of OP on Tiktok. 

Just like every other social media acronym, OP has another meaning too. It stands for “Over Powered.” This one is mainly used in gaming platforms and very less on Tiktok, though. Well, everyone knows what overpowered means. In this context, OP is used to refer to the gaming character who appears to be the strongest one. That very much makes sense! It’s just another shortcut that people often take, too, these days.  

Now that you already know the meaning of OP, what are you waiting for? Keep up the trend! 

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