Will There Be A Deaimon Episode 13?

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eaimon Episode 13
Will There Be A Deaimon Episode 13?

Will There Be A Deaimon Episode 13? After the end of episode 12, fans are wondering about this question. Because unlike the rest of the episode, Deaimon Episode 12 did not leave a preview for the next episode. Fans are in a pickle after watching the post-credit scene of the last episode as it hinted about the next episode but did not give a preview. Well, this article is for the people who are looking for that very question to be answered. After all, this father-daughter relationship has only begun, and we want more. Anya and Loid have a thrilling father and daughter relationship, whereas Itsuka and Nagomu have a very sweet father and daughter relationship.

Will this relationship be continued next week or not? Let’s find out in this post. Furthermore, we will talk about the new events that this anime might have for us. Also, we will tell you exactly where you can watch this anime. So without any further ado, let’s find out if there is going to be a Deaimon Episode 13 or not.

Episode 12 “Red Sea Bream For A Spring” – Recap

We were all looking for Itsuka’s birthday ever since it was mentioned in the previous few episodes. This father and daughter day was finally displayed in the latest episode, and we could not have asked for more. Itsuka’s routine to go looking for her father at the station has recently come to a close. Ever since Nagomu has come back to town, the gap that Itsuka’s father has left in her life is getting filled with Nagomu’s love and sweetness. Her birthday is approaching, so that means she will have to spend her day with Nagomu as they promised back in a few episodes.

Deaimon Episode 12
Nagomu’s Father

But so is the Hanami festival approaching. Nagomu’s father decides to make the Sakuramochi the tradition. Nagomu suggests that they cover it with edible gold leaves. Although he yells at Nagomu, he is impressed with his idea. His father notices that Nagomu has even started to make fewer mistakes, and his determination to take over the Ryokusho is strong. Heigo keeps his ego aside and starts teaching Nagomu more attentively. Itsuka also notices that Nagomu has grown immensely, and his nature has matured.

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Itsuka’s Birthday

On the day of Itsuka’s birthday, the Ryokusho employees decide to make a wagashi cake for her. After waking up, Itsuka worries about whether Nagomu has woken up or not because he has been working hard lately. But Nagomu is awake and excited to spend a day with her. Before leaving, Nagomu’s father gives Itsuka some money and tells her if she is fed up with Nagomu, then she can use this money to go back. They embark on the road with the car, and they arrive at Hirakata Park.

Hirakata is the park where Itsuka lost her father and got lost. It is also the place where she first met Nagomu, which is why he wanted her to bring her there. While they are at the park, Itsuka starts to reminisce about the time she was with her father. Nagomu has prepared a schedule for their day however, he has forgotten the sheet at home and starts to panic. Although they end up having a fun day, and Itsuka gets distracted by a lost child.

Deaimon Episode 12 recap
Itsuka and Nagomu

However, she ends up being lost herself only to realize that Nagomu is only 10 meters away. She rushes up to him, and they leave for home. On her way home, they eat Takayaki where the seller calls Nagomu her dad, and she tells him that it’s fine but only for today.

Deaimon Episode 13 Expectations

After their incredibly beautiful day at the park, they end up celebrating Itsuka’s birthday at home. As Nagomu said that she will have just to wait with him until his father is back. In the new episode, we can expect their relationship to grow even more. And as for Itsuka’s father, we can expect him in near future episodes as we even saw his face in the last few episodes. Will we see him in Deaimon Episode 13?

Deaimon Episode 13 expectations
Deaimon Episode 13 expectations

Deaimon Episode 13 Release Date

However, the wait will be longer because there is not going to be a Deaimon Episode 13. We will have to wait until the release of the new season. However, there is no information regarding it yet. As we have some information regarding it, we will let you know.

Watch Deaimon Anime Online – Streaming Details

Until the Deaimon Episode 13 or a new season of Deaimon is released, you can binge-watch the first season on Crunchyroll. All you would need to do is pay the minimum subscription fee, and you can enjoy thousands of anime.

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