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House of the Dragon’s First Reaction: The Spin-off of Game of Thrones is Finally Here?

House of the Dragons First Reaction

The Game of Thrones spin-off is finally here and here are House of Dragon first reaction. While we still have to wait to witness this scale of the epic drama series, critics have already viewed the first episodes. We know all the series fans are curious to know what the series is about and what to expect from the show, especially after that train wreck of a finale to GOT season 8, if we might. But don’t worry. We are here with all the details about the show. And the very first House of Dragon reaction. Why does this feel like going home for the summer holidays? Because it is the homecoming of one of the most epic series ever to exist.

First, House of Dragon is a spin-off series of the HBO hit show Game of Thrones that ruled the hearts of its fans for about eight seasons (alright, excluding the last season). But the show was such a huge hit that everybody was watching it and talking about it. The show is based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel series, where many families try to conquer the Iron Throne and become the ultimate rulers. The spin-off show House of Dragon will act as a prequel to the show and has been trending since it was announced in 2019. The reaction to the first trailer was all positive. Let’s have a look at House of Dragon’s first reaction.

What is House of Dragon about?

The show is set in the same Universe as the series Game of Thrones. But it follows the events 200 years before the GOT series. Nevertheless, the struggle is still the same. The people are still fighting over the Iron Throne. The show is adapted from R.R. Martin’s novel Fire & Blood. Miguel Sapochnik is the director of the pilot and, hopefully, many more episodes of the show. He was also credited as director on various Game of Thrones episodes.

The story follows the chaos after the rule of King Viserys I Targaryen. The king Viserys of the House of Dragon universe is one of the ancestors shown in the GoT series. The show is said to follow a key moment in the history of Westeros, which is the Dance of Dragons. The wait for House of Dragon’s first reaction has increased tenfolds with such a riveting premise.

House of Dragon first reaction – What are the critics saying about this GoT spin-off?

While the viewers still have to wait for the series to be available to stream, the first screening was done last night. The critic’s reactions to the show are poring on. It was natural that the critics and fans alike were unsure after GoT wreck of a finale. But here are House of Dragon’s first reaction. According to our sources, the series received almost positive comments from anybody who saw it. The pilot of the show achieved exactly what a show’s pilot should. It laid bare the show’s context, introduced the characters, and set the tone of what to expect in the series. And it seems like House of Dragon did just that. The epic tale and the tone of the show were highly praised.

The critics were all praised for House of Dragon’s first reaction. We hope that the quality is maintained till the end. The positive reaction has stirred even more excitement in fans. The show will premiere on August 21, 2022, with ten episodes.

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