Severance Season 2 Expectations: The World Of Lumon To Get Scarier

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severance s2 release date
A still from Severance season 1

There is no way you could not be familiar with the Emmy-nominated series Severance if you enjoy science fiction. Several sci-fi workplace dramas have come in recent times, either Devs or Black-Mirror, but Severance, along with several twists, conveys its story with a pinch of comedy. The setting of the show is elegantly beautiful, but as the entire world of Lumon is exposed to us, we are reminded of the grim path that lies ahead for both the viewers and the characters. The fans were already looking for answers and awaiting Severance S2 as soon as the cliff-hanger at the end of season 1 hit the viewers hard. Stick with us as we reveal what to expect along with the Severance Season 2 release date.

This sci-fi thriller was reaping massive success at the time of its debut and was the third most streamed show for four weeks in a row. One could never question its 14 Emmy nominations after watching the show’s mind-numbing ending. The show is helmed by Ben Stiller, and we all know how adept he is at delivering the darkest realities in a humorous way. His appearance and revelations about the Severance Season 2 release date and Severance Season 2 theories at the most recent Comic-Con 2022 have left us impatient.

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Severance: The Story So Far

Severance S1 leads us into the lives of the personnel of Lumon, a biotech corporation working on a secret project whose specifics are hidden from the majority of its staff. The core grip of the show is a type of surgery where an employee’s memories have been divided into two, one trying to focus on their working life while the other focusing on their private lives. This operation is in place to defend the corporation’s secrets, and the majority of staff members must consent to it. When Lumon employee arrives at work, they immediately forget everything that happened while they were there, making their professional memories into a distinct entity.

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severance s2 release date
A still from Severance season 1

While some workers think that this “Severance” will preserve their lives devoid of work stress, in reality, it simply enslaves the opposing half. Everything changes when a new worker Helly enters the team, igniting a rebellion in branch head Mark as well as his co-workers, resulting in startling revelations about both the organization they work for and the other part of their lives they are unable to enjoy.

Severance Season 2: What To Expect?

Viewers are left baffled by the ending of Severance Season 1, as several questions still linger in their minds. Severance S1 ended with viewers confused and with many unanswered questions. The corporation’s dubious and dangerous boss, Harmony Cobel, ensures that directives from “the board” are carried out. The audience will learn if she is acting in her own self-interest or whether someone is pressuring her. The true motives of Irving will also be revealed in Severance Season 2. He is conspiring against the firm and is not exactly the lonely young man he first appears to be.

severance s2 release date
Ben Stiller and the whole cast of Severance at Comic-Con 2022

Ms. Casey, Lumon’s psychotherapist, who strikes as rigid and robotic, has started to feel affection as she spends more time with Mark. So, is she a robot or Mark’s late wife? Why was Mark selected for this position? Is there a secret regarding mark’s wife, Gemma? Severance S2 will concentrate on Lumon World as well as the outer world. Ben stiller made another big revelation at Comic-Con 2022 about a former president doing a cameo in the upcoming season. Yes! You heard that right Barack Obama had been offered a role in the thriller series. He also said that Severance Season 2 would be putting light on the main characters’ backstory.

Severance Season 2 Release Date

Ben Stiller has repeatedly stated how difficult it was for their team to get the show-up and running. It took him five years to get everybody onboard for this sci-fi project. Stiller also took to Twitter to respond to a desperate fan who sought information on Severance S2. Ben asked the fan to hang in there as the filming is scheduled to start soon. He revealed that the filming will start this year in October and is planned to be finished in May of next year. So, we can see Severance Season 2 in the middle of 2023 or in December 2023.

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You can stream Severance S1 on AppleTV+

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