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The God Of High School Chapter 559 Release Date: Yeoui’s Final Activation

The God Of High School Chapter 559: Yeoui's Final Activation
The God Of High School Chapter 559

The God Of High School Chapter 559 reveals the battle between the gods where Tathagata attempts to take over Mubong. The battle between gods has been on for thousands of years, and Mori with his friends are part of it, playing an important role in protecting their friends and their colony. The battle continues as Tathagata faces the hooded villain. He admits that he will send fairies from each colony away and warns the others to do the same. The hooded villain also comments about something and stops the time of the new world. 

The citizens of the new world were surprised as time stopped and everything in the new world froze. The hooded villain also managed to stretch his time magic to the limit, and Nabula was fully energized while the shield around the planet was complete. The warriors get ready to stop the planet from getting perished.

Tathagata also activates his magic as the battle continues. The solar system reaches its edge, and we see the Kuiper Belt and the small collection of celestial bodies that surround the solar system. The Oort Cloud that surrounds the Kuiper Belt also appears. The warrior strikes Geundowun, and we see massive lighting beams of explosions. 

They attack in numbers and decide to strike everything on their path. We then see the outer edges of the Milk Way while, on the other hand, two investigators reveal the Nebula’s activity and its computer diameter that has become unusual. The guy near the green-haired lady notice that the Oort Cloud has begun to react violently. After the villains gain new powers, a mighty god is reborn with torn clothes. Mori and others also get ready to fight. Let’s find out more about the battle between gods below. 

Previously on The God Of High School Chapter 558

Tathagata notices that the reborn god wants to destroy everything and wars everyone to run. But he was attacked, and the god comments that he was too slow. Mori and the others were surprised since they did ‘t see how the villain moved since he was so fast. Tathagata’s 7th Letter activates. Mori was surprised to discover the weapon’s user was radiant light and wondered how that happened. The beast guy warns others to stay away as he prepares to handle the enemy. Mori realizes something and tells everyone to focus since the enemy is absorbing the light from the stars. 



After absorbing the light from the stars, he summons light. He told them to thank him for stopping the new world’s time, but he won’t be holding back. Jaechoendaeseong summons his duplicates to stop the planet from getting destroyed. The orc warriors were stunned to see the duplicates. Mori orders Jaebongching to break the weapon, and they both summon more duplicates to help them break the weapon that would destroy the world. Mori told everyone to survive for a few seconds, and they will stop the massive blow. He tells the duplicates to block the attacks using their bodies.  

However, the duplicates turn into skeletons as the attacks land on them. The hooded guys confirm that the beam is destroying everything in the line of sight. Mori realizes that he has to do something since the duplicates won’t hold much longer. After summoning their magical weapons to support Mori and the others, the monster team provides backup.

The enemy asks Mori and the others when they will hide. Tathagata summons a long weapon to defeat the ogre. Mori and the others hold tight to weapons, and the ogre tells them to protect their world. Tathagata teases  Mori that he once became a dragon. 

The God Of High School Chapter 559 Release Date

The God Of High School Chapter 559 will be released on 11 September 2022. Mori admits that he almost transforms into a dragon. The battle between gods continues in the chapter after Tathagat breaks the 8th Letter and destroys Yeoui’s final activation. Youi and Tathagata exchanged massive barrages as the battle continued. You can also look at The God Of High School Chapter 559 latest details.

The God Of High School Chapter 559: Yeoui's Final Activation

The God Of High School

Read The God Of High School Chapter 559 Online – Raw Details

You can read The God Of High School Chapter 559 online on different websites. The God Of High School’s latest chapters are available weekly. This manga has not offered the official website for The God Of High School chapters, but they are available on other platforms. Let’s meet after The God Of High School Chapter 559 is released. 

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