Topher Grace’s Net Worth

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Topher Grace’s Net Worth
What Is Topher Grace’s Net Worth? (Credits: Showbiz Cheatsheet)

What is Topher Grace’s Net Worth? Popular American actor Topher Grace is best known for his role as Eric Forman in the hit comedy-drama sitcom The 70s Show.

The actor later reprised his role in the newest spinoff, The 90s ShowAfter gaining huge recognition for his role as  Eric Forman, Topher Grace went on to star in other notable television shows, including the supernatural thriller Delirium.

The actor’s movie credits include his role as Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3. Believe it or not, the actor had a cameo planned on Ocean’s Thirteen. However, he had to pass on the offer to star in Spider-Man 3.

While talking about the missed opportunity, Topher admitted that he was bummed and had talked to Steven Soderbergh about that as they had a thing, but then he could not do it. He also starred in the movie, Mona Lisa Smile. Let us find out about Topher Grace’s Net Worth. 

What Is Topher Grace’s Net Worth?

Topher Grace’s net worth is estimated to be something around $14 million. Fans saw Topher Grace playing the role of Billy Bauer in the 2nd episode of the hit thriller series Black Mirror. While fans were excited to see Topher Grace reprise his role in the reboot, The 90s Show, it seems like the feeling of happiness was mutual!

Topher Grace’s Net Worth
What Is Topher Grace’s Net Worth? (Credits: Variety)

The actor admitted that his return to filming the reboot left him with the feeling of going home for Christmas to see his whole family. Topher further stated that it was great to be able to go back and not just hang out with the casts together, but to work with them after so many years was so much fun.

Topher also pointed out that Wilmer Valderrama’s Fez was a character he feels, took time to develop as they had not figured out what he was given how Fez initially had just one or two lines.

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Who Is Topher Grace’s Wife?

Topher Grace’s wife is Ashley Hinshaw. Ashley recently made headlines after she broke her silence in defense of sexual abuse victims after her husband’s co-star Danny Masterson. Ashley penned down a note that extended support for r**e victims while talking about how these victims are re-traumatized by witnessing society debate.

While Topher and Ashley kept things out of the media limelight, it has been reported that the two started dating back in 2014 and eventually got engaged a year later. After dating for two years, the pair walked down the aisle in an intimate wedding ceremony that took place near Santa Barbara, California.

Ashley Hinshaw has starred in episodes of The Glades, Enlightened, True Blood, The League, True Blood, Workaholics, and True Detectives. The actress also had a recurring role in the first season of Crackle’s StartUp.

She later starred in seven episodes of E! Network’s The Arrangement, and fans also saw her in one of Chicago Med’s one episodes, titled Lose Yourself. Ashley Hinshaw’s movie credits include LOL, Snake, About Cherry, Mongoose, and You’re Killing Me Susana.

What Happened Between Topher Grace and Danny Masterson?

It seems like Topher Grace has recently gained applause and appreciation from fans for not talking or opening up much about his co-star, Danny Masterson’s ongoing rape case, where he has been given 30 years in prison by the judge. Topher Grace has remained silent over the ongoing issue while other co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are writing letters in support of Masterson.

Topher Grace’s Net Worth
The Cast Of The 70s Show (Credits: Dexerto)

One user took to social media and said Joe Topher is that one guy on the show who didn’t completely s**k while calling him the best actor even after the show. 

Not only that, but what seemingly appears to be a behind the scene video has resurfaced; it is evident that Grace has often maintained distance from his fellow co-stars and reputedly never clicked with the rest of the cast, while Masterson, Wilmer, and Kutcher, would often go out and party together, and it has been revealed that Topher Grace would instead go home rather than hanging out with his co-stars.

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