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The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 preview
The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10:

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10’s Release Date is finally out. Don’t worry if you missed the most recent episodes; we’ll rehash them before revealing the release date & streaming information for The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10.

Sorang devoted her brief imprisonment to negotiating the price she would be traded with her kidnappers. Heon and Shin-won came, but Sorang & Hae-young had indeed dispersed from the rest of the gang because the mission had been such a minor failure for them.

Fortunately, one of Shin’s supporters, Ja Chun Won, tracks her to the man she was handed and rescues her because of the pebbles Hae Young threw. We can be sure that the women who have been kidnapped are being sold as unwilling wives to filthy and nasty men because of this.

Rang is then taken from the kidnapping site to Lady Seo and Councillor Jo’s secret destination before even being given to their thugs for execution. She is ultimately abducted by supporters’ robbers and appears to be residing in her rendition of Around Hanyang with something akin to a Single Evening.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 preview

A quick recap of The Forbidden Marriage.

It’s interesting to note that the thieves’ main objective is to rescue captured women and deliver them to a hidden mountain settlement. After losing his young sister to the kidnapping ring, the village leader created a safe refuge for victims who have been found.

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The Forbidden Marriage: A Quick Recap

Both lovers, especially young couples who have eluded the marriage ban, find refuge in the group. They anticipate continuing. They want So-rang to show her identity for a few days so that they can be sure she won’t reveal their secret; nevertheless, because the marriage is illegal, it is Joseon’s biggest secret.

So-rang is comfortable with being kept as a semi-hostage in the village since she is too preoccupied with the possible clients she can draw from the youthful loves. She is in the middle of her sales pitch about marriage compatibility when Heon & Won unexpectedly break into the village and are overcome by the robbers.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 preview

The Forbidden Marriage’s quick recap.

After So-rang claims to be a trans who can organize a marriage meeting between criminals and a royal girl, Heon’s predicament humorously worsens. I never enjoy watching Heon act out the fabricated tale of his missing man parts, as Won has trouble keeping him under control.

The masquerade is suddenly finished, though, as the last few palace guards storm in and reveal Heon as the true monarch. After witnessing the happiness that love can bring his people, he disregards the villagers’ “habit” of quais-weddings. He promises to lift the marital ban in less than a year.

Minister Jo collects the other departments in case something worse occurs. Fans don’t know, given that any is possible outside the protected walls of the palace. Minister Jo would have known this because he sent his men after Heon, whom kings guarded and the rebels severely defeated.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 preview

The Forbidden Marriage’s brief recap.

And supporters can’t believe this man is still alive after carrying out so many nefarious deeds against the king. Then, as Minister Jo tells everyone the king has abrogated, Heon appears in all his splendor and declares: “One could assume you just can not prepare for my demise.”

As a result, Heon thoroughly inquires into the kidnapping ring without Shin winning as the lead detective. The inquiry is bad for business, which makes Premier Jo & Madame Seo briefly nurse their wounds.

Heon wasted excessive time impressing everyone with his intellect, from Hae-young to the peasantry to his departments and aides. A man does continue to shine while he’s in romance. Refusal is the first step in Heon’s admitting his love for So-rang.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 preview

The Forbidden Marriage’s quick recap.

She was then dragged into his shower as the next step. The third phase is kissing, which is not regarded as a step because it resembles an unprovoked assault. Chun-Seok is tasked with concealing for Shin-won since he plans to leave the king’s sight after the expedition. Sadly, Lady Seo’s blackmailing of Chun-Seok and Hae-young forces him to side with the bad guys.

Therefore, it will be soon that Minister Jo’s supporters appear bearing a poisoned needle meant to assassinate Shinwon. Chun-Seok decides to take the punch himself to protect Shin. He informs Shin Won that the king is in danger. A second needle pokes Shin Won in the shoulder as he rushes to warn the monarch, and he loses consciousness as Heon pleads for his life.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10: Release Date

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 will air on January 14, 2023, a Saturday. At 9.50 pm KST, The Forbidden Marriage Episode 14 will debut on MBC. Fans of The Forbidden Marriage from various countries can compare the times shown below to watch Episode 10:

  • British Summer Time: 12.50 pm (January 14)
  • Indian Standard Time: 6.20 pm (January 14)
  • Philippines Standard Time: 8.50 pm (January 14)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 11.50 pm (January 14)
The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 preview

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10’s main cast.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10: Where To Watch

At around 9:50 in Korea, The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 will premiere on the MBC channel. For individuals who wish to view Season 10 Episode 10 of The Forbidden Marriage as it airs in their area.

At the times and dates we’ve specified, it will be available on the hugely popular streaming platforms Kocowa, Roku premium streamer, and Rakuten Viki. Their subscription includes the standard Viki package, which costs about $4.9. Enjoy your stream!

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