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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 Release Date: Will Hong Ye Seol And Cha Min Hoo’s Love Story Have A Happy Ending?

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 will be uncovering all hidden secrets in the darkness of the past! Now that Hong Ye Seol and Cha Min Hu have come together, we are getting closer to finding the truth behind Hong Ye Seol and Cha Min Hu’s unforgotten past. It is already crystal clear that Hong Ye Seol is Cha Min Hu’s first love since the first time they met was when they were younger. But after her father’s death, Hong Ye Seol has forgotten that part of her life. No one knows what had happened except Cha Min Hu and Ye Seol’s mother. Thus, Ye Seol’s mother immediately recognizes him even though so many years have passed. 

Since Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye Seol’s love story don’t have any hindrance, the lovers are pretty enjoying each other’s company. Hong Ye Seol has become braver and decided to passionately date his love even if she sees an unfortunate vision. This time, she will not run away from her problems but face them fearlessly. However, how will the clueless Hong Ye Seol face the enemy from the past in Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12? 

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What To Expect In The Last Episode?

Since it will be the last chapter, all cards will be revealed in Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12! Finally, Hong Ye Seol and Cha Min Hu have cleared all misunderstandings and even talked about their insecurities. Thus, all we will be seeing is their sickening romance. Their unique antics and adorable characters make those heavy doses of romance bearable. Thus, there is no doubt Yoon Kye Sang and Seo Ji Hye will be giving us the sweetest romantic moments.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12

Hong Ye Seol and Cha Min Hu Cr: Disney+

Besides their love story, many are curious about their past connection and the stalker’s identity. Cha Min Hu and even Hong Ye Seol’s mother pointed out that he and Hong Ye Seol knew each other before the accident happened. Whether their parents were friends or Hong Ye Seol and her family met him after he lost his parents is not revealed yet. Therefore, we will see how Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye Seol met when they were younger.

The Truth Behind Hong Ye Seol’ Father’s Death

As for the past accident, it doesn’t seem like a car accident. Episode 8 showed that Cha Min Hu searched The Blood Moon Murder case. And with the stalking incident, there is a possibility that the murderer and the stalker may be the one person. If so, we can say that Hong Ye Seol’s father didn’t die in an accident, but someone killed him. And with the recent weird incidents like someone stealing Hong Ye Seol’s father’s photos, sending flowers to her mother, and trying to kill Ye Seol, the next target is obvious! 

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 With Eng Sub

Bar Owner Cr: Disney+

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Furthermore, various weird things like that finger snaps and the song You Make Me point out the bar owner Kim Hae Jin being the stalker! Is he the one who wants to harm Hong Ye Seol and stalk her mother? There is another hypothesis that the bar owner was in love with Hong Ye Seol’s mother and thus killed her husband. But is the truth or mere speculation? With all the drama and danger lurking over them, will Hong Ye Seol and Cha Min Hu have a happy ending in Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12?

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 Release Date

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 will be released on 29 June at midnight KST on Disney+. Since it is a 12-episode series, the last episode will uncover all mysteries. However, that may come with a price. So will Hong Ye Seol and Cha Min Hu’s love story have a happy ending? Or will their past become a hindrance in their love? Thus, to know how this fantasy love tale ends, watch the last episode of Kiss Sixth Sense this upcoming Wednesday!

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 Release Date

Hong Ye Seol Cr: Disney+

Watch Kiss Sixth Sense Korean Drama Ep 12 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details

The web series Kiss Sixth Sense is airing on Disney+ Hotstar at midnight KST for domestic viewers. Even international viewers can watch it there with English Subtitles. Hence, Ep 12 will release on the same day at 1 am in Australia. As for other nations, Ep 12 will be out on 28 June 2022 at 8:30 pm in India, 11 am in the USA, and 4 pm in the UK.

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