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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11 Release Date: How Will Cha Min Hoo Save His Love?

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11 is coming soon to solve the unsolved mystery! After Hong Ye Seol and Cha Min Hu’s love story, the suspense’ getting thicker. Although nothing much has been revealed yet, fans can’t help but come up with various speculations. But Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye Seol will have to face another barrier before they sigh in relief. Therefore, the last two episodes of Kiss Sixth Sense will be narrating the final chapter of this fantasy series!

Furthermore, the recent episodes have shown how Cha Min Hu communicates with Hong Ye Seol about his concerns and anxiety relating to his extraordinary condition. Since Hong Ye Seol also has something unexplainable, she relates to his worried and even comforts him. Finally, the lovers have passed one of the toughest phases of their unique love story! Therefore, the latest episodes have given many romantic scenes making viewers cringe in their sugary love.

Despite being together, Cha Min Hu can’t help but worry about Hong Ye Seol’s safety. He is already sure that the intruder is still after Hong Ye Seol. So how will Cha Min Hu protect his love in Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama Episode 11? 

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Recap Of Ep 10- Someone Stalking Hong Ye Seol’s Mother

Episode 10 of Kiss Sixth Sense shows how Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye Seol talk about their unique conditions and the worries, doubts, and pain it brings together. This is what they needed after they began dating. Thankfully, finally, they have cleared all misunderstandings. Furthermore, Hong Ye Seol confronts Oh Ji Young and bravely declares that she should keep her distance from her man since Cha Min Hu is now hers. Hong Ye Seol has finally grown up and decides to protect her love rather than just running away. 

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11 With Eng Sub

Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye Seol Cr: Disney+

The episode is also filled with the couple’s countless sweetest romantic scenes. Due to their unique condition, Hong Ye Seol comes up with different ways to kiss each other during office hours. For instance, hand cream means meeting at the cafeteria, while tapping on the desk means meeting in the store room, and many more. Their bubbling romance is truly the highlight of Episode 10! 

However, with romance, the problems also approach them, especially Hong Ye Seol’s mother. Someone has been sending flowers to her exhibition center and stealing Hong Ye Seol’s father’s photos. Even on the day of the exhibition, her mother receives the same flower bouquet and sketches. Therefore, Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11 will reveal this mysterious man’s identity! 

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11 Release Date

Hong Ye Seol’s Mother Cr: Disney+

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What To Expect In Ep 11?

Since Kiss Sixth Sense is a 12-episode series, there is so much to uncover in Episode 11! For instance, Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye Seol’s childhood part, the past accident, the intruder’s identity, Hong Ye Seol’s mother’s stalker, etc. But before that, we may get more adorable romantic scenes of Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye Seol. There is no doubt they can be an over-the-top couple. Therefore, fans should prepare to get cavities since Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye Seol will be bringing the loveliest part of this fantasy love story! 

And Lastly, there is a possibility we will find out the intruder’s identity. At this point, there is no other suspect than the bar owner Kim Hae Jin. Therefore, Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama Episode 11 will reveal the stalker’s connection to Hong Ye Seol’s family, which may bring her a new threat! 

Kiss Sixth Sense Ep 11 With Eng Sub

Hong Ye Seol and Cha Min Hu Cr: Disney+

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11 Release Date

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 11 will be released on 29 June 2022 at midnight KST on Disney+. Only the last two episodes are left, but so much is yet to reveal. Amid the blurred forgotten childhood memories, how will Hong Ye Seol face the danger? Will Cha Min Hu find the intruder’s identity before it gets too late? Thus, to find out how the next part unfolds, watch new episodes of Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama every Wednesday! 

Watch Kiss Sixth Sense Korean Drama Ep 11 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details 

Since Kiss Sixth Sense is Disney+ original series, viewers can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar with English Subtitles. Also, Ep 11 will be dropped on the same at midnight in South Korea and at 1 am in Australia. In other countries, the same episode will release on 28 June 2022 at 11 am in the USA, 4 pm in the UK, and 8:30 pm in India.

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