Bear Gets Real Comfortable In A Thrown Away Couch

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Can you imagine a bear getting comfortable and relaxed, sitting on a couch? That has happened in real. However, it was not an easy view to watch until a girl named Mandy Stantic clicked the pictures of the bear on the couch and posted it on social media. That has gone viral insanely. She was, along with her family, driving around Lac Brochet in Northern Manitoba. 

The wild bear appeared to be full of enough food and, after that, relaxed on the thrown-away couch, just like human beings, crossing one leg over the other. Isn’t it a cute view? 

Bear Relaxes On Thrown Away Couch
Bear was spotted walking around the dump.

Bear Relaxing On A Discarded Couch

As mentioned already, Mandy described the view of the bear relaxing on the couch as “All he needed was some popcorn and Netflix.” In addition, she also shared that there was a thrown-away television in front of the couch. So, the posture of the bear was a perfect match. Well, he wasn’t the only bear present there. But he was the only one who caught Mandy’s attention. 

Bear Relaxes On Thrown Away Sofa
Bear relaxing on thrown away couch

Surprisingly, the view wasn’t horrifying but very cute. It made Mandy and her family laugh out loud. The area was reported to be a forest dumped with garbage. On this note, Mandy has shared that it was the easiest and the most possible thing for the bears to take a rest as the berries were not out at that time. 

Just make an image of a bear sitting in front of a television on a couch, with crossed legs and resting one arm on the same armrest. Well, we can sometimes watch the animated version of the same view on a few television commercials. But Mandy has witnessed the view in real and thought of sharing it with the world. You don’t see it very often. Do you? 

Bear Relaxes On Thrown Away Sofa
The bear appears to be relaxed and comfortable.

This particular wild black bear has lately become an internet sensation. They can make people laugh with their cutest activities. The view was indeed very fascinating, cute, and unique. Do you know what the cuter part was? While Mandy took her camera out and started clicking, the bear didn’t look at some other sides but directly toward the camera.  

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