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Is Michael Cusack Related To John Cusack?

John Cusack

Are Michael Cusack and John Cusack related to each other? Because they have the same surnames and they’re involved in the entertainment industry, it makes their fans wonder if Michael and John share a relationship. Some are even convinced that both artists are brothers. What do you think?  Before getting into further discussion about the validity of Michael Cusack and John Cusack’s suspected brotherhood, let’s have a brief look at their prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Michael Cusack is professionally a voice artist, animator, author, and director. He is majorly known for creating the animated series, Smiling Friends. Michael’s other great works include- YOLO: Crystal Fantasy and Koala Man. Last year, Michael provided his voice for the role of Knifey in the video game High on Life. 

While on the other hand, John Cusack is a versatile actor. People also know him as the son of the filmmaker Dick Cusack. Well, some of John’s notable acting credits include- Never Grow Old, Pursuit, Utopia, Love & Mercy, The Frozen Ground, Grand Piano, etc. 

As the recently released Koala Man earned massive success, people have been wondering if the creator is anyway related to the actor, John, having the same last name. This eventually calls for the discussion of both of their family trees. If you are looking for whether Michael Cusack and John Cusack are related, here are your answers. 

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Are Michael Cusack and John Cusack Related?

No. Michael Cusack and John Cusack are in no way related to each other. In other words, we may say that these stars are not brothers. 

Is Michael Cusack Related To John Cusack

Michael Cusack

Michael Cusack and John Cusack’s parents are not the same. Also, both belong to different countries. Just because their last names are similar, we can just expect them to be approved as brothers. It doesn’t work like that. Moreover, we wonder, if Michael Cusack and John Cusack are in touch. 

The voice artist and animator, that is, Michael Cusack was born on 18 September 1989. He hails from Dapto, Australia. Whereas John Cusack celebrates his birthday on 28 June. Born in 1966, he is now 56 years old. He is 23 years older than Michael. When we talk about brotherhood, age doesn’t turn out to be a matter in reality. However, it’s proven that Michael and John do not share a bond, as the latter hails from Illinois, which is a different place. 

Talking about family, information related to Michael Cusack’s parents is not known. The voice artist has kept the details away from the media. But, he did once share that they have supported him through thick and thin. On the other hand, John Cusack’s father, Dick, is very much renowned in the industry because of his excellence as a documentary filmmaker. 

Are you wondering about siblings? Well, John Cusack has four siblings, among whom two of them are also actors. They are named- Joan and Ann. While the other two are Bill and Susie. The actor has never talked about Michael Cusack or even hinted at him as his brother. No, they are not even cousins. On the other hand, we are not sure about Michael Cusack’s brothers and sisters. 

Is Michael Cusack Related To John Cusack

John Cusack

Undoubtedly, Michael Cusack and John Cusack are doing great in their respective professional fields. But they are in no way connected. People need to understand that having similar interests or surnames can’t play a key factor in anyone’s identification. If investigated, you will find many more stars in the same industry having Cusack as their last name. But are they related? No! 

Best Wishes to John Cusack for the upcoming days of his life. What’s his next project? On the other hand, we are eagerly waiting for Michael’s next animated play. Make sure you follow both, on their respective social media accounts, for more updates. 

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