How To Watch Koala Man Episodes? Streaming Guide

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How To Watch Koala Man? Streaming Guide
An All New Adult Animation Is On The Way! (On Hulu)

Michael Cusack’s animated series, Koala Man, will soon premiere on online streaming platforms. Revolving around the wannabe superhero Kevin Mckay, the show documents the various kinds of “crimes” he solves in a day. Kevin’s a good husband and a good dad to his two children, but the same cannot be said about his superhero skills.

Koala Man has no special powers and usually restores peace by doing small work such as catching vandalizers, warning those with overgrown lawns, and other minor inconveniences. Things get real when Dapto, the town they live in, starts to experience actual monsters. With no experience, Kevin takes up the job to protect the Dapto at all costs.

Hulu has been talking about the show ever since it was announced way back in March of 2021. It has since been in production and will finally be available to stream this week. With actors like Hugh Jackman and Sarah Snook voicing the characters, there’s much to expect from this animation.

Michael Cusack has worked on similar series in the past and admits his inspiration has been shows like Futurama and Simpsons, shows from his childhood that made him interested in this genre of shows. Examples of his work include Bushworld Adventures and Smiling Friends. He mostly works alongside Zach Hadel, but Koala Man is exclusively created by Michael.

How To Watch Koala Man? Streaming Guide
Koala Man Saves A Cat From A Tree, a Classic (Credits: Hulu)

Animation of the show is done by the production companies 20th Television, Animation Bento Box, and Princess Pictures. It has a unique character design, with the Koala Man just wearing a Koala mask and cape whenever he’s in his superhero form. 

Koala Man: The A-List Voice Actors

Being an Australian Animation, the show has its fair share of Australian Voice actors. This includes Jackman, Demi Lardner, and many more well-known actors. 

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Hugh Jackman voices the character Big Greg, a boss-like figure for our superhero. Big Greg is a muscular blonde guy who has an eccentric personality. Hugh Jackman, the award-winning Australian actor, is widely recognized for his portrayal of Wolverine in X-Men and years later in the movie The Greatest Showman.

Voice acting is nothing new for wolverine, as he has been the voice behind the characters Memphis (Happy Feet), Roddy St. James (Flushed Away), and Sir Lionel Frost (The Missing Link).

How To Watch Koala Man? Streaming Guide
Hugh Jackman as Kevin’s Boss (Credits: Hulu)

The character Vicky McKay will be voiced by Sarah Snook. Sarah is another Australian actress who will be a part of the show. She has played roles in movies and shows like Succession, The Glass Castle, Predestination, and Black Mirror, to name a few. Although she hasn’t voiced many characters, she did voice Rose The Horse from Robot Chicken.

No show’s fun without an actual comedian being involved, and that’s where Demi Lardner comes into the picture. She voices Alison McKay in the series. Demi is a So You Think You’re Funny? winner and occasionally streams on twitch alongside Tom Walker. Born in Adelaide, Demi has been a stand-up comedian since the young age of 15. Over the years, she has received many accolades due to her humor.

The principal of the school where Kevin’s children study is named Principal Bazwell and his character will be voiced by Jemaine Clement. Born in New Zealand, Jemaine can be regarded as a musician and a comedian. His work as a voice actor includes Despicable Me (Jerry the Minion), Rio (Nigel), and Moana (Tamatoa). 

How To Watch Koala Man? Streaming Guide
Kevin McKay and His Family (Credits: Hulu)

Other cast members of the show are Rachel House (Annie) and Jarrad Wright (Spider). The guest voice actors of Koala Man will be Miranda Otto (Mindy) and Hugo Weaving (King Emudeus). Miranda Otto is from a family of actors and is best known for playing a role in the show The Lord Of The Rings. This role, where she plays Éowyn, will be seen again in a new prequel coming out next year (2024).

Koala Man: What’s The Plot?

The storyline of this animated show is set around Kevin McKay, who had always wanted to help people, so like every superhero, he starts wearing a mask and ties a cape around his neck.

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Although he hides his face, most of the citizens of the place know his real identity. Koala Man has only three goals, To clean up the crime in his neighborhood, Help those who are innocent, and Snuff out all sorts of evil things that may be going on behind the scenes.

Even after failing to be a proper hero, Kevin continues to work towards his dream, and seeing his optimism, he might just end up doing it for real. His family includes a son, a daughter, and their mom, Vicky McKay. His family appreciates and admires the superhero their dad is but Vicky has to step in at times to provide some logic in Kevin’s strategies.

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In the first season, there seems to be some sort of evil lurking in the Old Town. Big Greg picks Koala Man up and they head over to the place and see strange human-like monsters being set free. The main antagonist could be the Eagle Man we see in the trailer, who wants to take everything that Koala Man Had. 

With the monsters running rampant and eventually showing up in his local neighborhood, Koala Man has no choice but to put on his courageous front and battle the evils that were set loose. Based on the trailer, the show could feature tons of crazy creatures, from military Emus to a giant pink slime-spewing octopus in the sky.

Koala Man Season 1: Release Date

This Michael Cusack show will upload its episodes on January 9th, 2023. All 8 episodes of the Koala Man that have been ordered, will be aired on the same day. 

Koala Man Season 1: Episode Guide

With only 8 episodes and a series of catastrophic events to cover, it will be interesting to see how the show features each of the events concerning Koala Man. We’ll see the average father turn into an actual superhero when the situation calls for it. The episode details are:

Episode 1: Bin Day

Featuring Kevin’s incompetent home management skills, the root of all problems ends up being the Garbage bins he forgets to take out.

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Episode 2: Deep Pockets

The increasing amounts of Soft drink consumption cause Vicky to ban these drinks once and for all, but this only makes the situation worse. Children start thinking up new ways to go around the ban, thereby making Vicky’s choice of action questionable.

Episode 3: The Red Hot Rule

Liam, Kevin’s son, meets a new boy in town, who happens to be an American. The friendship leads them down a rabbit hole, with Liam coming across various things about Americans he wasn’t aware of.

Episode 4: The Great One

An exciting project is in the making for the people, and the residents of Dapto work in a group to make it better and complete the project sooner. Will they be successful or just end up adding to the list of problems they already face?

How To Watch Koala Man? Streaming Guide
The Emu War Takes Place Once Again (Credits: Hulu)

Episode 5: Ode To A Koala Bear

The father-son duo has a moment when Kevin decides to give his son one of his old Jackets.

Episode 6: The Handles

The kids Alison and Liam have a fun sports day and set out to play football. The mom, on the other hand, decides to show up at a fun party instead.

Episode 7: Emu War II

Seemingly an intense battle episode, it will feature Kevin, the Koala Man, coming across these modified Emus who’ve decided to carry out another war on the Australians. The war is fierce this time, as even the Emu’s are equipped with high-grade weapons. It’s up to Koala Man to somehow stop the war and create peace once again.

Episode 8: Hot Christmas

Dapto has its fair share of problems every day, but things get out of hand when the town’s residents are all set to start the Christmas celebrations. 

How To Watch Koala Man? Streaming Guide
The Christmas Episode (Credits: Hulu)

Koala Man Season 1: Streaming Guide

Hulu takes up the streaming for this animated show. It will be available to watch on any device on the platform only after 3:00 am ET. Asides from Hulu, the Koala Man will also be able to be streamed through Disney+, (Hotstar for India), making it available in many regions. The timings of release for a few locations are listed below:

  • United Kingdom: 8:00 am, Monday
  • Canada: 3:00 am, Monday
  • Australia: 7:00 pm, Monday
  • India: 1:30 pm, Monday
  • Pakistan: 1:00 pm, Monday
  • Japan: 5:00 pm, Monday
  • Korea: 5:00 pm, Monday

So head over to the streaming sites to witness the journey of a one-of-a-kind superhero, surpassing limits of age, power, and reputation.

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