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Last Light: Watch Episodes & Streaming Guide

Matthew Fox in the role of Andy
Matthew Fox in the role of Andy

We have all seen movies where a man fights for his country, his people, and whatnot. But what will happen if the hero’s family needs him? Things are going to spice up, too, when the protagonist is Matthew Fox himself, Peacock TV is back again with a new thriller series titled “Last Light”  featuring Matthew Fox. Matthew will be returning to the screen after seven long years. With his skillful full acting and a thrilling plot, this series has already made the fans excited.

So, when will this series released? What is the plot of the series? In this article, we will learn more about the series, what happened in the first episode, and its streaming guide. 

What’s Last Light All about?

Last night brought Matthew Fox back to the screen after such a long time. The plot of the series revolves around Andy Yeats, portrayed by Matthew Fox, who is a Petro chemist and works for an energy company. Through intelligence, word has been out that oil all over the world has been contaminated as a result of some serious attack, and Andy has been summoned by the company’s CEO to find out what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Andy’s son, Sam, is going to have surgery, and her wife, Elena, wants him to be present during the surgery. Andy promises her that he will be there at the time of surgery.

The City in Chaos after Power Outage and riots

The City in Chaos after Power Outage and riots

In order to make it to the hospital in time, he completes his investigation and tries to reach the hospital as soon as possible with Mika. But, they are now being chased by a bunch of shooters, and this is the moment when Mika’s true purpose becomes clear. While they were running, London and Paris were facing a major power loss, and riots had begun all around the city. The whole city is in chaos, and the hospital to which Sam was admitted is being evacuated. It will be really interesting to find out how Andy will solve this crisis and prevent the attack while keeping his promise to his wife, Elena.

Last Light Release Date

This series was released on 8th September 2022 and has caught the attention of many since then. Every episode will be accessible. The weekend will be perfect for binge-watching this. The series does not intend to be an in-depth analysis of how a threat to oil production would affect every element of life on a global scale. Although that element is present, the story is more of traditional espionage and terrorist thriller with the additional element of Andy wanting to return to his dispersed family as the world around him collapses.

Elena with Sam in Hospital

Elena with Sam in Hospital

We anticipate that the family conflict gets further explored, but it might just as easily blow up completely as they attempt to get together. The family conflict in the Yeats household is mostly due to Andy’s employment and his absence from the family’s daily existence. By the conclusion of the first episode, though, it’s clear that Andy Yeats is destined to be a kickass Petro chemist as he tries to return to his family while investigating what appears to be a concerted attack on the world’s oil and energy supplies.

Where to Watch Last Light?

As this series is a Peacock TV exclusive, it’s the only place right now where the users can stream all of its episodes. However, Peacock TV is only available in the United States. People living in other regions might have to wait for a little while till the show becomes available on other OTT platforms. 

It’s a good thing that Peacock TV begins out free and gradually moves up to a subscription model since the going is tough and our wallets are growing thinner. Unless you don’t own a Comcast, Peacock Premium costs $4.99 per month; for Peacock Premium Plus, which removes most advertisements, members must pay $9.99 per month.

Those who have a Comcast subscription are entitled to free Peacock Premium and the Peacock Premium Plus, which costs $9.99 every month. Peacock Premium Plus eliminates “most” advertisements, however, it is not fully ad-free.

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