American Dad Season 20 Episode 1: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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American Dad Season 20 Episode 1
American Dad Season 20 Episode 1

There are a lot of animated sitcoms in existence out there. The age of such animated sitcoms started way back during the mid-years of the 1960s started with The Flintstones. America has been the most-leading creator and producer of such animated sitcoms which are loved by a lot of fans due to the funny concepts which talk about the most real of things in a comedic manner. At times, these sitcoms are even loved due to the artwork. Now the list of popular animated sitcoms from America includes a prominent one called “American Dad!“.

Created by multiple American writers and producers, this animated sitcom has been quite a work of art that has entertained a lot of people to date. The famous Seth MacFarlane is one of the show’s creators. American Dad proves to be one of the most loved animated sitcoms which are on the run currently. The show never fails to entertain its audience through its absurd storylines which are infused with super-funny elements. From the voice acting to the quirky animations, the show has won a lot of fans inside and outside America.

The show is pretty young when compared to other famous animated sitcoms like The Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Futurama which has been in existence for quite some time now. Unlike other animated sitcoms which usually talk about controversial topics by totally deviating from the storyline of each episode, American Dad! takes it a little slow and steady by making people laugh by using the relations of the primary animated characters of the sitcom. The controversial fun and sarcasm start to elevate as the episodes progress. 

American Dad! has received a ton of recognition for being one of the most favorite animated sitcoms in the entire nation. The sitcom has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards multiple times. It was also nominated for the Annie Awards of America which represents excellence in cinematic animation. The 20th season of American Dad! is nearing and the fans are quite excited to watch the first episode. Let us get to know about that after learning more about the plot of American Dad! now.

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Release Date of American Dad! Season 20, Episode 1 

The 20th season of the animated sitcom, American Dad is to be released pretty soon and fans are excited to watch the fun-filled episodes. Starting with the first episode of Season 20, American Dad! has given significance to twisty concepts, as it does in every other single episode as well. The starter episode of the 20th season is named Fellow Traveller and it is going to be aired on the 27th of March, 2023. From then, new episodes will be aired once, every week.

The first episode named Fellow Traveller sends our friendly alien, Roger Smith for an unexpected ride to New Mexico. This event occurs due to a mishappening that occurred in the lunar region. As said before, the concepts of the episodes in American Dad! are absurd, just like it is in every other animated sitcom. The main thing here is, it never fails to entertain and make you laugh.

Recap of American Dad! Season 19

Usually, the storylines of animated sitcoms go quite absurd, and unusual as the imagination of the show’s writers and creators is let wild because nothing is impossible with animations. The same applies to the plot of American Dad! which revolves around the life of the Smith Family who lives in the fictional city called Langley belonging to America. The sitcom consists of four primary characters named Stan the chief of the family, his wife, Francine a lovely homemaker, and their kids named Hayley and Steve. 

American Dad Season 20 Episode 1
The Smith Family from American Dad! / Credits: TBS (Youtube)

In addition to these main characters, the sitcom also includes secondary characters to support the storyline. We have a lot of unusual characters and events occurring in each episode of the sitcom, but it is ordinary according to the plot. FYI, the show has an alien as one of the main characters and a fish named Klaus who talks. A total of nearly 350 episodes have been released to date and each episode has a unique concept to revolve around. Let us look at the recap now.

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Season 19 of American Dad! had its very own iconic moments which never failed to entertain the fans. A lot of interesting events occurred within the entire run of Season 19. Stan’s new job as a fireman excites Francine more than it excites him, making her an arsonist in order to make her husband’s job more exciting.

Klaus helps Principal Lewis regain his confidence. Tensions raise as characters named Wheels and Legman try to find out the culprits who tampered with steve’s secret swimming pool. Lastly, we have Roger who has found a new liking for knife throwing. Read along and find out how to stream American Dad!

Where to Watch American Dad! Season 20, Episode 1?

American Dad! is one of the most popular comedic animated sitcoms in the USA belonging to the elite list of primetime winners. A lot of fans watch the show from all over the world using multiple streaming platforms. The sitcom is available on platforms like Hulu, Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV. Get a valid subscription and enjoy the 20th season of American Dad! 

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