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Witch 2: The Other One Review – An Action-Packed Chronicle Of Human Terminators

The Witch Part 2 Review
The Witch: The Other One -A CGI-Action Packed Movie

Park Hoon Jung’s The Witch: Part 2: The Other One is a 2022 South Korean science fiction action horror film he created and directed. The Subversion is a sequel to the 2018 film The Witch: Part 1, with a gross of $22.954 million and 2.80 million viewers.

The Witch: Part 2 is presently the sixth highest-grossing Korean film of 2022, starring well-recognized stars such as Eun bin with Jo Min-Su and Lee Jong-Suk Next Entertainment World released the film on June 15, 2022. Shin Si-ah auditioned for the role of the protagonist in the summer of 2020 and was chosen above 1,408 other candidates.

Lee Jong-suk returned to the screen in this feature after completing his military service in 2020. Park Eun-bin returned to the big screen after a nine-year hiatus, having previously appeared in the 2013 film Secretly, Greatly. You might recognize her from one of the newest popular Korean dramas, ’ Extraordinary Attorney Woo.’

This film is a sequel to “The Witch Part 1: The Subversion,” which chronicles the narrative of Koo Ja Yoon, a young girl who escapes from a facility where she is exposed to various tests to develop her mental powers or plainly superhuman powers like speed, strength, intellect turning them into the most efficient killing machines.

If you’ve yet to watch Part 1, all that connects both parts of the movie is the fact that scientists and researchers devote their careers to maximizing human potential in a variety of domains. Mistakenly, these research studies, which had illegally taken place in secrecy, frequently led to the fatalities of all individuals involved.

The human mentality and emotional capabilities of these genetically engineered beings have been irreparably harmed and compromised. So, they have souls and took birth as a human but now only function as lethal terminators.

  • Release Date: June 15, 2022
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Satire
  • Where To Watch: Amazon Prime
  • Director: Park Hoon Jung
  • Starring: Shin Si Ah, Park Eun Bin, Lee Jong Suk
  • Watch the Trailer On – Youtube
The witch Review

The Witch: The Other One -A CGI-Action-Packed Movie

A Hunt For The Other Witch Started A Killing Spree

The film begins in the past, when Years ago, a female adolescent is riding the bus with a pal when they inexplicably shift routes. Gas is poured inside the bus, forcing all passengers to lose consciousness. A crew kidnaps the young woman who awakens on a stretcher after discovering that the bus accident was staged to seem to be an accident.

Dr. Baek and her twin reassure her that her pregnancy would be curiously significant, as she is pregnant with fraternal twins. While in the present time, a girl known as ADP escapes from a secret facility after murdering all of the troops and scientists that work there.

She becomes disoriented in the wilderness after hearing her mother’s voice calling her. While they pass on the road in a van, she is abducted by the henchmen of the notorious mobster Yong-Doo. Kyung-Hee, another abductee, is there because she isn’t willing to surrender ownership of her land to Yong-Doo. The girl creates an accident along the way after one of the thugs accidentally touches her.

Kyung-Hee takes the girl with her and contacts her uncle for assistance. On ADP, her uncle conducts an operation to remove all of the experimental gadgets and bullets from her skin. Kyung-Hee eventually takes the girl to her residence, where she lives with her brother, Dae-Gil. Meanwhile, Jang, the leader of the secret institute, pays Dr. Baek a visit.

They both discuss the fugitive female in the Jeju Island coastal base, where Jang dispatches a tactical squad to tackle the situation in secret. Yong-Doo and his gang intimidate Kyung-Hee into giving him the deed to her father’s land at night, revealing that Yong murdered him. The girl emerges and uses her physical power to overcome most of the thugs, prompting Yong-Doo to run in panic.

the witch review

A Still From The Witch Part 2

Jo-Hyeon and her South African friend are summoned to meet with Baek, who offers them a gadget that can track ADP. Yong-Doo, dissatisfied with what has occurred, tortures Kyung-uncle Hee in order to obtain more information about the girl. Kyung-Hee finds her uncle is hurt while on her way to the market and runs out to aid him.

When she returns to the car, she encounters Jo-Hyeon and her colleague, who shows her a film of the girl murdering everyone prior to the escape and asks her to assist them in stopping ADP. As Yong-Doo reports the girl’s existence to his criminal colleagues, he meets with Jang’s squad and ends up receiving a dosage of their strength in return for exposing the girl’s whereabouts.

Kyung-Hee arrives home with instructions to depart with her brother as soon as a fireworks show begins, but Yong-Doo and Jang’s crew arrive before they can leave. Kyung dies while trying to buy time for Dae-Gil and ADP to escape, being killed with a fatal shot.

the witch part 2 review

A Still From The Witch Part-2: Yong Doo and His Cartel

Jo-tactical Hyeon’s men use a bazooka to assassinate the girl on the roof, but she escapes. Dae-Gil escapes the home explosion but is killed shortly thereafter by Yong-Doo after witnessing his sister’s body. The squad kills the gang, Jo-Hyeon, and her friend before being assaulted by the girl. Yong-feet Doo is smashed by ADP, rendering him immobile despite the superhuman dose he got.

She engages in a struggle with the final two members of the tactical unit, disintegrating one of them with her telekinesis. Goo Ja-yoon arrives by automobile and kills the final survivor of the turmoil before telling ADP that they are sisters and that she has been watching her since her escape. Ja-yoon claims she needs her to find their mother since she has a deeper psychic link with the girl.

ADP does not answer, instead dwelling on the loss of Dae-Gil and Kyung-Hee while watching Yong slowly die. Ja-yoon administers a sedative to her sister and drives away from the scene with her. At the end of the film, Baek detects the sisters’ newfound peril before being shown their mother inside a massive tank with cables attached to it. The screen turns dark when the woman opens her eyes.

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The Verdict

By the end of the film, we discover that ADP is more powerful than previously thought. Despite being genetically manufactured, she has human-like emotions. Her grief at the deaths of Kyung Hee and Dae Gil is evidence of this.

The sister-brother combo was the closest thing she had to a family, and their loss was devastating. Her expression betrayed her uncertainty about bringing them back to life. This contrast in personality differentiates her from other experiments.

the witch review

ADP Killing All The Gangsters

The film’s opening sequences are quite disturbing since they show snatches of scientific experimentation on humans in their infancy. They are exposed to testing and torture in order to maximize their mental ability and transform them into weapons of mass devastation.

‘The Witch,’ ironically, is a suitable label for these ladies because, in ancient times, women who demonstrated ‘out of the norm’ conduct were labeled witches and burnt at stakes. Both Koo Ja Yoon and the girl have genetically produced girls with high intelligence and superhuman abilities such as telekinesis, agility, battle, and near immortality—something seldom seen in society.

If the experiments were too risky for the project or were out of control, these people were discarded like trash. The film explores a wide range of moral issues, which have been a recurring topic in other western films. This film depicted the dark side of science and technological progress. It has been said many times that everything at the extremes is terrible, and science is no exception.

The CGI in Korean movies is generally excellent, but I believe this film has raised the bar even higher, and there were many parallels to the previous film. It’s jam-packed with science fiction and action, all while exploring biological ethics and employing severe brutality to not only shock but also convey its tale.

Every minute of the tale is spent building a backdrop and people, which pays off in spectacular displays of violence. The Witch 2 focuses on increasing the spectacle and pushing the action set pieces even further than they were in the previous season.

There is nothing tiny about the action crammed into The movie, from ripping doors off automobiles to knife battles that don’t miss and massive rock storms that shred victims apart. There’s no subtlety or complexity here, simply greater and larger scenes that keep stacking on top of one other.

With so much action packed into the picture, no one scene feels repetitive, and each battle sequence feels more inventive than the previous. Perhaps, the storytellers wanted to impart a message here that genuine love and care are enough to build us into stronger beings. A tad too long but worth a one-time watch.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4/5).

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