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What Happened To Andrea Yates? Explained

what happened to andrea yates
Andrea Yates, Credits: CBS

The whole world was shocked when the story of a mother who killed her five children came out, the crime that she committed was a very distraught one that shocked everyone in the early 2001’s.

The mother who committed this insane crime is Andrea Yates, Yes! she is even alive today, but what is doing now? where is she today? what happened to her? who did she commit this shameful crime? who she actually is?

This article will cover each and every detail and information that raises insane amounts of questions in people’s minds.

Crimes are committed almost every hour, but this insane crime which literally involved a mother who killed not one but five children is a very disgraceful act that a mother will think twice times before doing such a despicable crime.

Not only this crime shocked the whole world, the juries and the lawyers who were there presenting the case while defending the case were even shocked regarding what level of insaneness Andreas committed killing her five innocent children.

Let us take a look at this article to get to know some greater insights and details regarding what exactly happened and what is Andres doing today.

Who is Andrea Yates?, the Mother who drowned her 5 children

Andrea Yates is an American woman from Houston, Texas, maybe in today’s times she might be not known by anyone, but in the 2000s, she became insanely famous for the wrong reasons for the criminal act that she committed.

She confessed that she murdered and killed her five children on June 20, 2001, when she drowned them in the bathtub one by one. 

However with this shameful act that she committed, she was presented in the trial, where it also come out that she was suffering from severe postpartum, depression and postpartum psychosis, which led to her mental health and that also became the reason behind her killing her five kids.

Initially, Andreas comes from Houston, Texas, she is also a college graduate with a degree in nursing, and she has also worked as a registered nurse at a Houston hospital, however, after delivering her babies, she resorted to overdose and used to consume pills, which became the reasons for her depression and other mental health problems that she was facing.

what happened to andrea yates

Andreas Yates, Credits: CBS

What happened to Andrea Yates?

Andrea Yates is the mother and also the criminal who killed her five children, the whole story of her being in that stage of killing her children started when she was 17 and a depressed girl who used to also talk with her friends about suicide.

It is also known that she even committed suicide, she used to take pills which overcome her depression, but that can cost a huge effect on her result being committing murder would have not been thought by anyone. 

Initially what happened was, when her husband Rusty Yates who was an engineer left for work, she started her mission of drowning her kids, one by one. 

Due to her mental health problems, she was taking medical care under Dr Saeed, and he even warned his husband Rusty to not let her alone, but unfortunately, when he went to his work, leaving Andrea alone with her kids, she started drowning five of them, one by one. 

However after this incident, she called her husband right away, this all led to her to court, where she had to face numerous trials, where defenders were supporting her and saying on her behalf that mental health was the issue and the others were criticizing her and claiming to give her life imprisonment for the disgraceful act that she has committed. 

And therefore Texas state prosecutors and the defenders stated that she is mentally ill and needed mental health care which was one of the psychotic reasons why she killed her children.

what happened to andrea yates

Andrea Yates, Credits: CBS

What is Andre Yates doing now?

So far now, Andre Yates is not dead as presumed by many people, she is still under mental health care and in prison, whereas per sources, she is living a good and better life. 

As per sources, she even knits and makes children-related stuff who she sells for the children’s foundation in the prison and the hospital. 

As per her personal life, her former husband Rusty filed for divorce which was granted in 2005.

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