How To Fight Chapter 176: Spoilers, Release Date, Time & Recap

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How To Fight Chapter 176
A Still From How To Fight Chapter 175 (Credits: Naver)

Are you guys excited about the release of How To Fight Chapter 176? Well, we are here for you!! After an amazing chapter, where we find out that Baek Songjun is really back, as until not assumed that he is dead meat, his return was a huge surprise for the entire fandom of the manhwa series, and this is the reason why fans are really excited to find out, what is going to happen next in the upcoming chapters.

If you are also following this amazing action-packed manhwa since the day it got debuted to the mainstream, or you have just caught up and now wondering when the next chapter is gonna be released for you to read, you are in the right place to get all of your answers at one single place. 

Today we are going to find out when the upcoming How To Fight Chapter 176 will be available for the fans to read, what it is gonna be all about, its spoilers, and where you can read the same online, but first, let us take a look at what previously happened in the series, considering the events of the previous chapter. 

After Hobin gets his first kiss with Bomi, things are going very smoothly and peacefully, but from nowhere, somehow surprisingly, Baek Songjun reveals that he is alive with a live stream. This was a massive shock for our guy, Hobin, who says that it doesn’t make any sense and wonders if he is dreaming about it. After seeing how fast comments were going up in his live streams, the gang thinks that his fans might have already got his location, and everyone is going into a frenzy.

How To Fight Chapter 175 Recap

When Bomi wonders how this happened, she can’t believe the dead Baek Songjun is really streaming, and was he alive this entire time; Hobin reminds her of the fight with Baek Songjun, where he knocks him down and also attends his funeral. 

How To Fight Chapter 176
A Still From How To Fight Chapter 175 (Credits: Naver)

When one of his audience asks him to explain his funeral, Baek Songjun says that he was expecting a question like this to come up. Still, he counters questions by saying are the audience is asking about the funeral made by the people over at How To Fight.  

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In his further clarification, Baek Songjun says that although it is true that he was dead back then because then there was no other option to survive. By taking off his shirt, Baek Songjushows the mark from that day clearly remained on his body; the fact that he is alive is a miracle on its own. 

Baek Songjun says that ever since that incident, he has been living in Japan; well, he escaped to Japan, while being honest, if they knew he was alive, they have tried to kill him again, but living a life like that, is the same. as being dead, that is when Baek Songjun realized that he still wanted to be with all of his followers. 

How To Fight Chapter 176
A Still From How To Fight Chapter 175 (Credits: Naver)

After a long period of thinking, he has decided to come back to the public eye so that everyone, not only his fans buts also his opponents, can watch him one more time. On the other hand, Hobin thinks that this could be clickbait and wonders if his fans believe that he is still alive, the viewers will defiantly be suspicious too, but after some time, his subscriber count started increasing with every second, and Baek Songjun finds out that this is seriously working.

Gaeul says that although it is quite hard to believe, this is not completely unbelievable; it is because of the things you uploaded online. He explains that before they started targeting Lee JInho, Hobin exposed Baek Songjun’s true intention to the public, and the information that Hobin had on hand helped Baek Songjun to be perceived again by the public as a good person.

While addressing his viewers, Baek Songjun says that he cannot believe that everyone would welcome him with open arms like that, and it is such an honor to him. He adds that he would lie to pass his honor to the people at How To Fight to tell the public what Baek Songjun is and his true story. 

How To Fight Chapter 176
A Still From How To Fight Chapter 175 (Credits: Naver)

Still, Hobin doubts that Baek Songjun is the same guy he defeated and wants to confirm his identity with his own eyes. When they are still discussing all this, Manggi shows up and shouts Baek Songjun is back, Baek Songjun is back, many times. He explains to the group that his hair has been in such a perfect state there is no need to worry; the real Man Hwang Manggi has returned. 

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Dowoon Lee reveals what Yeorumi says to him that he fought with his boyfriend, and he believes that something has happened between her and Han Wangguk. 

Hobin explains that they were on and on about being a couple of channels with a million subscribers, but also wonders at the same time about their breakup, but changed that atmosphere by saying everyone who is supposed to be in the meeting is here already, except Taehoon and Yeonu, who said that they have some other important things to do. 

When the meeting starts, Hobin says that he is sure that Baek Songjun really died that day, and not only that they even set a funeral for him, but somehow he boldly made his return on stream and asks the other members of How To Fight, what are the possibilities that this happened. 

How To Fight Chapter 176
A Still From How To Fight Chapter 175 (Credits: Naver)

Manggi says that Baek Songjun is really very powerful enough to come back from the dead, which shows that Manggi is innocent in the end. When it comes to Bomi, she says that at first, she thought the guy on the live stream, was someone who just looked like Baek Songjun, but the more she looked at the person on stream, the more unsure she got.

When Bomi asks if anyone tried to contact Baek Songjun, Doowon says that they did try to contact Baek Songjun, but they didn’t get much out of it. By explaining further, Doowon says that the first thing they did was to leave their constant information in Baek Songjun’s email, then they messaged him, asking for a response back.

When Baek Songjun finally responded, it was very surprising; he replied to their message with just a few lines by saying that he was in Japan right now and that it would be very hard to meet with them and also says that he would contact Hobin after some time, Hobin can’t understand the reason, but he believes that Baek Songjun is trying to avoid them. 

This is where Bomi thinks that they should leave Baek Songjun on his own because she believes that she might be pushing it too far, but Hobin says that no matter how this turns out, they should keep in mind how much they have suffered because of him, and how difficult things were for them at that time. 

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How To Fight Chapter 176
A Still From How To Fight Chapter 175 (Credits: Naver)

Bomi says that associating with him in a situation like this might give him a sense of trouble making his reply like that; Manggi and Gaeul also appreciate this point, but Hobin says that although she is not completely wrong, nothing would be able to justify what happened back then for sure, but they must have to find out if the guy on the stream is the real Baek Songjun. 

How To Fight Chapter 176 Spoilers

As of now, there are not any official spoilers revealed for the upcoming chapter, but it seems like the next chapter is going to be focused all on Hobin’s efforts to find out the real identity of the guy who calls himself Baek Songjun. Although Hobin, to some extent, is sure of the fact that this guy is not Baek Songjun but how things will turn out from here will be very exciting to see. 

How To Fight Chapter 176 Release Date

The upcoming How To Fight Chapter 176 is scheduled to be released on April 1, 2023

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 8:45 PM on April 1, 2023
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 5:45 PM on April 1, 2023
  • CST (Central Standard Time): 7:45 PM on April 1, 2023
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 9:45 AM on April 2, 2023
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 12:45 AM on April 2, 2023
  • IST (India Standard Time): 6:15 AM on April 2, 2023
  • PKST (Pakistan Standard Time): 7:45 AM on April 2, 2023
  • CET (Central European Time): 2:45 AM on April 2, 2023
  • ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time): 11:15 AM on April 2, 2023

Where To Read How To Fight Chapter 176

You can read the upcoming How To Fight Chapter 176 simply by visiting the official site of their primary distributor, WebToon, at the times and dates we have mentioned in the previous section. Although one this to note here is that the site does not have an option of simul-release, the chapter might not get released at the same time and date as its release in the raw format, and you must have to wait a little longer. 

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