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Who is Heidi Gardner’s Boyfriend? Answered

Heidi Gardner's boyfriend
Heidi Gardner, Credits: NBC

Heidi Gardener is one of the very talented comedians in the industry, but since her current SNL appearance people are actually wondering who is Heidi’s real-life partner, does she have a boyfriend, or if she is married to anyone. This article will therefore take a look at these various trending updates regarding Heidi Gardner and who is her boyfriend, plus also some of the new plus catchy updates of her.

But if case those don’t know about her, Heidi is an American comedian and actress, and therefore she has actually held her base on the comedy that she does and with the major projects that she has been involved in also with the fact that some of the major stars that she has collaborated or appeared with on big screens.

She is also a cast member of the biggest sitcom in America Saturday Night Live, her jokes are very much famous and therefore that’s the reason why she has had a very good amount of popularity that she has received so far with her major work. Let us take a look at this article in order to get some greater insights.

Heidi Gardner's Boyfriend

Heidi Gardner, Credits: Insider

Who is Heidi Gardner’s Boyfriend?

Well, in terms of her Heidi’s personal life, as per sources, she is actually married. She is married to Marvel Comics writer Zeb Wells, and therefore their relationship has had some very long goals and a very long journey so far.

But with the recent news, it has been reported that Heidi is actually seeing Michael Che, and therefore both of them are actually getting really close to one another, thus it now proves that her marriage might get into greater trouble since Zeb and Heidi are also so far married and together.

Also, the fact that this is just an air round news and we actually don’t know any real proof of this, this might be a rumor that is currently floating all over the internet, which is making people question what’s happening between Heidi and Zeb married relationship. 

Heidi Gardner’s Career Details

Heidi’s initial career started with a comedy sketch group called ‘Boom Chicago’ in Amsterdam and therefore she later moved to Los Angeles where she performed at various comedy venues and therefore worked as a writer and thus was a performer for the Groundlings Theatre.

Thereafter in 2017, she joined the cast of SNL as a featured player, and thereafter for her time on SNL, she has portrayed a variety of characters including Angel, Bailey Gismert, Brie Bacardi, etc.

But so far her SNL appearance, she also made appearances in various TV shows and movies including ‘Life of the Party, ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ and not only that she has given her voice to several animated TV shows like The Simpsons and SuperMansion.

Therefore we can surely say that she has successfully built her career in comedy and entertainment by portraying some of the very highlighting TV appearances on screen.

Heidi Gardner's boyfriend

Heidi Gardner, Credits: People

Heidi Gardner coaches Travis Kelce in the commercial for Saturday Night Live

In a recent commercial for Saturday Night Live, Heidi Gardner in the commercial was seen coaching the footballer Travis Kelce which fans loved the moment that it just became at that time. The fact that SNL is believed to be one of the best sitcoms in the Hollywood industry and therefore Heidi’s part in the commercial was very huge and great.

And therefore Heidi in that sense was seeing Travis Kelce, the American football and it, therefore, looked like she supervised Heidi to actually how can he, therefore, acts and perform within the spot of the cameras, when you are a footballer and you, therefore, don’t have how to actually do the act.

And thus Heidi being the best in comedy and entertainment, coaches Travis in commercials for Saturday Night Live which was as good and spectacular to watch as it should be.

Heidi has been working with SNL, now for much longer years, and also the fact that she has also worked with stars like Adam Sandler and many other tops and the most professional comedians within the industry the way she delivers her performance is something which is very exciting to watch and explore.

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