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‘Digging for Britain’ Presenters 2022: Who Are They?

Digging for Britain Presenters 2022
Digging for Britain Presenters 2022

Digging for Britain has always been the most knowledgeable show and has, over the years, garnered millions of likes and views among its fan base.  With its ever-greater episodes, fans want to know who exactly is the show’s 2022 presenters apart from that, what has the show excavated around on the topics of archaeology with its greater seasons?

This article will thus break down who are the 2022 presenters of Digging for Britain and what makes the show special and exciting to watch. Digging for Britain is a British Television series focusing on archaeology; the show is centered around archaeology and excavations; the show’s presenters roam around different places and find out some of the initial archaeological excavations by finding or digging some of the important historical elements.

The series was initially made by 360 Production for the BBC and is presented by Alice Roberts, the presenters of the show changed considerably, and the filming of the show also took part in many parts of the country, thus experimenting with different archaeological research in the United Kingdom.

Digging for Britain: What is it About?

The show covers a strong focus on various knowledge areas and provides a platter of archaeological knowledge evidence to its audiences, even creating history in its first episode of season 1, where sites and archaeology featured were: Fort of Vindolanda, Iron age excavations near Bere Regis, etc. which provided a remarkable moment for the show and the makers also.

So far, from 2010, when the show first started till now, the show has gathered enormous popularity with its historical and archaeological content, a show that specifically focuses on historical context has very fewer chances of getting popular since some may consider it a bit boring, but Digging for Britain has maintained its very specialty with its impressive content that is the reason why the show has been there from such a long time to present, and the makers are still not sure how well the show will go on.

digging for britain presenters 2022

Digging for Britain, Credits: BBC

Who are the Presenters of Digging for Britain 2022?

Well, as per the reports, the Presenters of Digging for Britain 2022 are greatly diverse; since Alice Roberts is the main person in this whole archaeological dairy, other cast members, including Cat Jarman, Stuart Prior, Onyeka Nubia, are the main 2022 presenters of Digging for Britain.

However, apart from these current and main presenters, others, including Naoise Mac Sweeney, Raksha Dave, Miles Rusell, Andrew Richardson, Kevin Colls, Hazel Moore, Nick Ashton, etc., were some of the previous presenters of Digging for Britain 2022.

However, since the new episode of the television series, which would be the 10th series, will be broadcasted in January and February 2023, it will consist of 6 episodes which again would include some of the greatest archaeological excavations that the show has significantly over the episodes discussed. 

Alice Roberts, who is a very well-known personality and a great television presenter and author, hosts the show and indulges the audience in going on a journey of archaeological findings. Being the professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham, she, along with the show, provides a rich and greater historical context of the wider findings within the program.

Digging for britain presenters 2022

Digging for Britain, Credits: BBC

What is So Special About Digging for Britain, And What Makes The Show a Great One to Watch?

Digging for Britain is one of the essential and important television series to binge on. It primarily focuses on archaeology, and the members (the presenters) in the show broadly widen their approach to researching and excavating their archaeology research in the United Kingdom.

The series initially covered four episodes and started in 2010. After that broad range of episodes and series returned to the show, thus digging for some new archaeological evidence, such as in series 2 of the television show, sites, and archaeology that featured were Roman Villa of Classis Britannica commander near Folkestone, there was also Helmet found near Crosby Garrett, etc.

Moreover, what makes the show very special is the fact that it is filled with knowledgeable content, and history lovers would love to cope with the show and explore the greater insights that are presented within the show.

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