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‘It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48’ Release Date: A Complicated Pregnancy

It's beautiful now episode 48 preview
It's Beautiful Now Episode 48

‘It’s Beautiful Now’ is receiving a tremendous response from both Koreans and international audiences worldwide. They are eager to watch “It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48” when it comes out. You all have arrived at the right spot as we will reveal the “It’s Beautiful Now episode 48 release date” and “how to watch It’s Beautiful Now episode 48.” Before we leap to all the streaming details, let’s fill in for those fans who could not watch the previous episode, which was high on drama.

We witness Mi Rae requesting Kyung Ae to protect the child when the baby is delivered. Yoon Jae admits that he has a wounded eye and does not explain what caused it. Instead, he jokingly claims to have acquired it from Hae Joon. We see Mi Rae finds herself in a tough spot, and she breaks down after the doctor advises her to get plenty of rest as her baby’s heartbeat appears slower than expected.

It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48 Preview

Dr.Lee lies about his eye

The doctor also informs Soo Jung that it will likely be too late once she feels the pain. Unfortunately, she has no choice but to have a liver transplant. Everyone in the family, including Soo Jung and Min Ho, wants to assist Soo Jung with the transplant. But Mi Rae is still unaware of this terrible news. Soo Jung learns that there is not much time left and that Soo Jung urgently needs a liver donation in order to survive.

With such a heartbreaking previous episode, fans can’t wait to see what happens to the couple in “It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48” when it is released. So when is “It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48” getting released? Dig in to find out!

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It’s Beautiful Now: Preview

The actors Yoon Si-Yoon, Oh Min-Suk, and Seo Bum-June, who play the siblings Lee Hyun-Jae, Lee Yoon-Jae, and Lee Soo-Jae, do not intend to get married. Their parents, Lee Min-Ho, & Han Kyung-Ae, as well as their grandpa, Lee Kyung-Cheol, who is performed by Park In-Hwan, are all worried about their lack of interest in getting hitched. They plan to present the brothers with a proposal. They promise to provide an apartment for the first brother to get married.

Each of the brothers decides to start looking for a wife. Lee Hyun-Jae is the second child. He is a superb attorney who focuses on divorce disputes. He is constantly busy with his work. He meets Hyun Mi-Rae, a new client, one day. Working as a VIP personal shopper, Hyun Mi-Rae wishes to have her marriage annulled.

Dentist Lee Yoon-Jae is the elder brother. He has been running his dentistry practice for the past five years, and his clientele seems to like him. Sim Hae-Joon is one of his patients. Lee Hyun-Jae, the younger brother of Lee Yoon-Jae, also works there. She develops feelings for the dentist. Lee Soo-Jae is the youngest of the brothers. He is getting ready to take the test to become a law servant.

it's beautiful now episode 48 release date

The Lee family devises a plan to get their sons married

To pay his costs, he also works a part-time job. He encounters Na Yoo-Na at his side job. Na Yoo-Na has always dreamt of working as a pâtissier. She moved to Seoul to pursue her goal and is enrolled in a baking program.

It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48: Release Date

After the revelation of some complications with Mi Rae’s pregnancy, the Lee family is in the dilemma of how to resolve the situation. So when is “It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48” getting released? “It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48” will be released on September 11th, 2022, at 7:55 pm KST. All-new episodes of ‘It’s Beautiful Now 2022’ will be released on Saturdays and Sundays! “It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48” will be released on September 11th at 11:55 am in the UK, 6:55 am in the USA, 8:55 pm in Australia, and 4:25 pm in India.

How To Watch ‘It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48’?

For South Korean viewers, “It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48” will air on the KBS2 channel. Following its TV airing, It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48 will be accessible via Wavve, which is currently exclusively available in South Korea. ‘It’s Beautiful Now episode 48’ will be accessible to audiences outside of Korea with English subtitles on KBS World’s official YouTube account. For the Singapore audience, It’s Beautiful Now Episode 48′ can be streamed on ‘Viu Singapore.’

So update your calendars, and don’t forget to watch ‘It’s beautiful now episode 48.’

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