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Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4: Release Date & Watch Guide

how to watch Summer Love Season 1
Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4 release date

Another anthology series, “Summer Love,” is making waves across social media and for all the right reasons. This show aims to tell hard-hitting tales from around the world. Problems faced by people from different backgrounds, religions, and races and how they resolve them are executed distinctively in this show. So far, people have loved the episodes and are waiting for Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4.

What is summer love about? “Summer Love” is an anthology series created and developed by Australia. It is an eight-part series where a different director helms every story. If we talk about the plot, we will see eight other couples renting a beachside holiday house, and as they spend their time there, their problems and struggles are revealed. The title “Summer Love” symbolizes the rekindling of love between struggling couples during their time at the summer house.

The show will bring to life how eight different writers perceive couples balancing their love and energy. The arguments, the solutions, and the happy endings of other people are all encapsulated in one show. Fans are eager to learn what story the upcoming episode will bring after an emotional last episode. 

how to watch Summer Love Season 1

A still from Summer Love Season 1

But before we jump to the streaming details, let’s fill in for those who missed the previous episodes.

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Summer Love Season 1 Recap

In the first episode, we meet two couples named Jules and Tom and Jonah and Steph. Steph, played by Harriet Dyer, and Jonah, portrayed by Stephen Curry, have planned to book a beach house for their summer holidays. Like last year, they get their luggage packed for this year’s trip, but they realize something is different. It’s their daughter, Molly. Molly has grown up and is now in need of more space as she needs more love and attention.

Another couple, Jule and Tom, played by Sibylla Budd and Tom Patrick Brammall, collide with Steph and Jonah. The twist in the plot is that Jules and Tom are childless and are not pleased to meet Molly’s family. Their seemingly true friendship starts to go downhill as their days at the house pass.

Summer Love Season 1 Episode 2

The second episode introduces us to a couple in their 30s. Craig, played by Richard Davies, and Kelly, played by Miranda Tapsell, are ready to enjoy their holiday break. At one glance, the couple looks happy, in love, and carefree, but if one looks closely, the woman in the relationship seems somewhat worried. Craig is of white origins, and his wife, Kelly, is Aboriginal.

how to watch Summer Love Season 1

Summer Love Season 1 Episode 2

Irrespective of the fact that Craig’s ignorant attitude toward the racism Kelly faces on a day-to-day basis, Kelly is worried about their future as a couple. The wife starts complaining soon after they hit a kangaroo. She is concerned that if Craig is unable to see such massive dangers, how will he be able to protect their unborn child? Because the offspring may resemble an aboriginal and face the racism that Kelly fears.

Summer Love Season 1 Episode 3

The third episode aired recently and centered on Imran, portrayed by Nazeem Hussain. In order to avoid meeting his love interest’s strict Muslim family, Imran flees to the coast. Aside from this, he wanted to perform a hip-hop musical at a local pub with his other three musician friends. What could go wrong? He performs at a well-known pub, which he has always wanted to do.

how to watch Summer Love Season 1

Summer Love Season 1 Episode 3

However, an unexpected encounter with his strict Muslim father during his performance destroyed everything. All of this leads to chaotic family arguments and confessions.

Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

So when is Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4 going to release? Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4 release date is September 21, 2022. The episode will premiere on ABC tv at 9:00 pm. New episodes release every Wednesday. The latest episode will be available on streaming platforms at the time mentioned below. Cross-check the times so that you don’t miss the episode.
• British Summer Time: 12:00 pm (September 21, 2022)
• Indian Standard Time: 4:30 pm (September 21, 2022)
• Singapore Standard Time: 7:00 pm. (September 21, 2022)
• Philippines: 7:00 pm (September 21, 2022)
• Japanese Standard Time: 7:00 pm. (September 21, 2022)
• Korean Standard Time: 7:00 pm. (September 21, 2022)

How To Watch Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4?

How can I watch Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4? Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4 will air on ABC tv, but the episodes will stream on ABC’s website and ABC iView. You can buy the whole season for $9.99 or an episode for $3.99. Other options for streaming include amazon prime video or apple iTunes.

So update your calendars, and don’t forget to watch “Summer Love Season 1 Episode 4.”

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