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Oasis Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Oasis Episode 3 preview
Oasis Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Oasis Episode 3 release date is here. The fans of the Korean show are willing to explore everything about the forthcoming episode. We will be shedding light on the story so far on the show before getting into the episode’s streaming guide and Oasis Episode 3’s release date.

Cheol was punished for the alleged assault on Young. Back to Du and Jung, waiting for Cheol to arrive for a movie date. While Jung notices Cheol observing them from a distance and pursues him, Du searches the area for him. She discovers Young-Tak beating him up and attempts to help, but the thug also hits her.

Cheol-Woong, who is enraged, tries to follow him but is stopped by Jung-Shin. He stops her when she attempts to take him to a drugstore for his wounds. She responds that she can’t control her feelings when he calls her out on her promise to wait a year before dating.

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A quick recap

He returns home upset to discover Mrs. Lee and Du-hak are concerned about him after hearing he was harmed. Cheol-mother Woong reprimands them for arriving at their house so late, which Mrs. Lee finds offensive.

Oasis Episode 3 preview

A still from the show. Cr: KBS2

The following day, Du-hak informs Cheol that Jung-Shin desires a conversation. Mrs. Choi meets Hwang and expresses regret for her husband’s choice. When she refuses to accept his bribe, their hands come together, and both become agitated. Hwang returns to his office, where we see a photo of Mrs. Choi.

When he inquires about Mr. Choi, Captain Oh replies that the district adores him and believes he will win. Captain Oh orders Young to be beaten up by Woong even though he has no dirt on him to cause a scandal. Du beats Young while Cheol waits for Jung-Shin. To get an apology, he brings him to Cheol-Woong, but Young-Tak only makes fun of him.

Cheol-Woong takes the bait and fights Young-Tak, who doesn’t treat him gently. He beats Cheol senselessly after bleeding enough, then turns to go. Cheol chases and smashes him in the head with an object while being blinded by wrath. He enters a coma while the boys hurry him to the hospital. Hwang appears thoughtful and knows about the event. Du informs Cheol that even if it was self-defense, they must contact the police.

Cheol attempts to trick him by blaming Du for bringing Young-Tak. He begs Du to tell a falsehood and claim that he struck Young-Tak. He will look after Du for the rest of his life in exchange. Du is enraged and departs. When she urges Lee to persuade his son to take responsibility, Mrs. Choi attempts to steal matters into her own hands.

She claims that if her spouse wins the election, Du can be saved, but if he loses due to Cheol’s scandal, they will all perish. When Lee arrives in Du sobbing, the authorities detain him the following day. Mrs. Lee and Jung-Shin chase after the police car while Cheol-Woong displays conflicting expressions, and Lee sobs and begs for Du’s pardon from a distance.

Oasis Episode 3 preview

A still from the show. Cr: KBS2

In the meantime, Hwang is enraged that Du-hak was held accountable and commands Captain Oh to delay the trial until they can implicate Cheol in the murder. During a promotion, Captain Oh hires some spectators to yell, “The dad of a murderer!” and throw stones at Mr. Choi.

Choi discovers that he is ignorant of the occurrence and attempts to learn the truth from Mrs. Choi. Lee enters the scene and asserts that Du killed Young while Cheol instigated the altercation. After apologizing to his party members, Mr. Choi steps down. When admitting that she kept putting up all their possessions as collateral, Mrs. Choi attempted to prevent him. He pushes her out of rage as she scoffs and claims she staked everything on his political career.

Oasis Episode 3’s release date

Oasis Episode 3 release date is March 13, 2023. Oasis Episode 3 will premiere via KBS2 at 9.50 pm KST. Oasis Episode 3 will be available via the streaming option listed below at the following times:

  • For the Australian fans: 11:50 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (March 13)
  • For Indian fans: 6.20 pm Indian standard time (March 13)
  • For the British fans: 12.50 am, Greenwich mean time (March 13).

Oasis Episode 3: How to watch

Oasis Episode 3 will stream via Rakuten Viki at the times we listed above. The fan must pay a round fee of five dollars to access Oasis Episode 3.

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